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Career Guidance for Students Can’t Be Ignored. Sachi Siksha – Spiritual Magazine in India Writes on Career Guidance Which Equips Students with basic Ideas.

Life After MBA -sachi shiksha

Life After MBA

Life After MBA “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” -Albert Einstein Introduction:- Nowadays, getting an education is increasingly crucial to live a secure life. After food, clothing, and...
Economic Repercussions of Work From Home -sachi shiksha

Economic Repercussions of Work From Home

Economic Repercussions of Work From Home Introductionn: During and after the COVID, our lives have turned on their heads. It spread over the entire planet, making each of us susceptible to it. This serves as...
Online Education in india -sachi shiksha

Online Education in india

Online Education in india Introduction:- Online classes have become part and parcel of our lives in recent times. Until the past three years, the term “online classes” was new to most of us. Though we...
Skill Versus Education -sachi shiksha

Skill Versus Education

Skill Versus Education Introduction: Education and skills is essentially the same thing. To achieve goals in life, an individual must have a level of education as well as the ability. Knowledge without ability is as...

Power Entails Responsibility

Power Entails Responsibility Introduction:- With greater power comes greater responsibility. We, as humans, have a natural instinct to be in a powerful position. From the times immemorial, there have been wars, fights and clashes between...
Learnings From Sri Lanka -sachi shiksha

Learnings From Sri Lanka

Learnings From Sri Lanka Introduction: The world is aware of the crisis Sri lanka has been drowning into. The global recession, the repercussions of the Russia Ukraine war and the Covid-19 pandemic has only exacerbated...
Fundamentals Of Marketing -sachi shiksha

Fundamentals Of Marketing

Fundamentals Of Marketing Introduction:  Marketing refers to offering the right product at the right place at right time and selling it at the right cost. Marketing also includes the creation of the product, the cycle...
Business Ideas to Start From Home -sachi shiksha

Business Ideas to Start From Home

Business Ideas to Start From Home Introduction: A business from home can be a full-time venture or a side hustle which can be started within four walls of the home. There are many benefits of...
Startup Ideas - sachi shiksha

Startup Ideas

Startup Ideas Introduction: The advantages of self-employment can inspire a person to launch a startup because everyone wants to become their own boss and they can get a higher amount of money and satisfaction by...
How to Deal With Recession

How to Deal With Recession

How to Deal With Recession Introduction:  Recession is one of the very few words which tends to cause us fear on the basis of the economic security of our future. Starting from the fear of...

How to  Choose Stream After Class 10

How to  Choose Stream After Class 10 Introduction: Many students desire to become doctors after class 12 while others tend to become engineers but some students have no idea what to pursue in life after...
Importance of Education in Our Life -sachi shiksha

Importance of Education in Our Life

Importance of Education in Our Life Introduction: The Purpose of Education is an important concern in everyone's life. It is the foundation for our future accomplishment and having many possibilities in our lives. People can...
Financial Inclusion -sachi shiksha

Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion Introduction: Financial inclusion means ensuring financial support to the weaker sections of the society to make them competent enough to avail the basic necessities of life. Certain sections in the society who are...
Mithibai Kshitij’s Green Run is back to go green & help you breathe clean! -sachi shiksha

Mithibai Kshitij’s Green Run is back to go green & help you breathe clean!

The best way to start your week is a Sunday run to get your blood flowing and body moving. SVKM’s Mithibai Kshitij and MOBISTORM once again bring RIVONA NATURALS’ Green Run, taking place on...

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