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Mind Online Shopping this Season - Sachi Shiksha

Mind Online Shopping this Season

If one asks what has been the change in the last 5 years that has affected their normal lives the most, the hustle would be between mobile phone and the platform of online shopping....
Fashion of Floral Print - Sachi Shiksha

Fashion of Floral Print

Floral Print is the evergreen fashion that means it never ends. Over the time, the popularity of this fashion has increased more than ever before. In the summer season, you can`t imagine your wardrobes...
Personality Enhancing Accessories of Men - Sachi Shiksha

Personality Enhancing Accessories of Men

It is not that only women are addicted to accessories. Modern men are at par with women in this fascination. Personality Enhancing Accessories of Men Although men have been using accessories since ancient times, but...
Male Dress Up in the Office - Sachi Shiksha

Male Dress Up In The Office

Looking at today's time, it can be certainly said that the clothes worn in the office or your office outfits are of great importance to your attitude and are also helpful in introducing your...
Footwear Stylish and Comfortable - Sachi Shiksha

Footwear Stylish and Comfortable

Footwear Stylish and Comfortable Footwear has now become the most important part of our dressing sense. There was a time when only importance was given to durability of the footwear. Shape, style, colour have...
tips to buy handbag - Sachi Shikhsa

Choose Handbags Intelligently: Tips For Buying Handbag

Whether they are school girls, women going to the office or working housewives, when they go outside from the home, they can forget to take bigger things but they never forget to take the...
tips to purchase footware - sachi shiksha

Selection of Footwear Intelligent for Modern Living

Selecting shoes, chappals and sandals according to the weather is also an important task. This is due to the fact that unless the old ones are not torn or got eroded, the people in...
Better Opportunities In Fashion Designing

Better Opportunities In Fashion Designing

Fashion and its format has always been there in different and important ways. From ancient periods till today it has been changing and today in its modern way, it is not only being in...
Kantha Work Dupatta - Sachi Shiksha

Kantha Work Dupatta & More: Even Today Girls Are Crazy For Dupatta

Dupattas or long scarf may have made their place only in the neck leaving the breast, but it is the first choice of the newly weds and teenagers. Dupatta is considered to be an...
Be a Smart Buyer - Sachi Shiksha

Be A Smart Buyer

Be a Smart Buyer In Indian culture, families buy new jewellery, ornaments and garments for weddings, festivals and other auspicious occasions and this shopping is mostly done by women. When it comes to purchase of new...

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Teqball is a combination of sharpness, agility and composure: Vinit Jain

Teqball is a combination of sharpness, agility and composure: Vinit Jain Teqball is a mixture of table tennis, volleyball & football. Teqball is one of...

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