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Sachi Siksha offers various articles on medical facts and describes how these medical facts can benefit your health.

how to avoid back pain Sachi Shiksha

Precautions to Avoid Back Pain

80% of the people suffer from the problem of back pain. 60% of them are between the age group of 30 to 60 years. What are main reasons behind this and how to avoid...
Ice Has Medical Aspects Too - Sachi Shiksha

Ice Has Medical Aspects Too

Taking the name of ice, the glass of “Thanda Thanda Cool Cool” comes before our eyes. The ice gives us chillness in summer. It is a blessing of the nature to us. The drops of...
Amazing Reasons to Sleep for Skin Health - Sachi Shiksha

Amazing Reasons to Sleep for Skin Health

Amazing Reasons to Sleep for Skin Health You've probably already noticed that when you skip sleep, it is shown on your face. Tired skin sags, bags, and loses its luster. “Lack of sleep causes blood vessels...
Positive Thinking And Its Effect On Your Health - Sachi Shiksha

Positive Thinking And Its Effect On Your Health

The first situation to consider is the relationship between thoughts and conditions like depression and stress. A crucial question is whether the person's thoughts are creating the physical depression or the physical depression is creating...
Body Reacts to Emotions - Sachi Shiksha

How Body Reacts to Emotions

Maps of bodily sensations associated with different emotions. Hot colors show activated, cool colors deactivated regions. Many phrases reflect how emotions affect the body: Loss makes you feel "heartbroken," you suffer from "butterflies" in the...
Private healthcare - Bane or boon - Sachi Shiksha

Private Healthcare – Bane or Boon

If you thought you are lucky to be among those who do not have to queue up in dirty 'Sarkari' Hospitals (Government Hospitals) when you or your dear ones are unwell; Think again! Behind the salubrious...

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