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80% of the people suffer from the problem of back pain. 60% of them are between the age group of 30 to 60 years. What are main reasons behind this and how to avoid back pain? Let us go.

No Stretch Between Neck and Back While Sitting

Sitting pasture at home plays the most important role. Take care that there should be no stretch between the neck and the back while sitting.

Break in the Long Drive

While driving sit properly and while driving tie the seat belt. Do not disturb the vehicle seat. In the long journeys take a break with slight rest. It will save you from back pain.

Start Walking in Between After Every 2 Hours

Constant sitting can create the possibility of back pain. Try to get up after every two hours from your seat and walk a few steps. Working hours together in sitting pastures should keep pillow for the support.

Hard Bed

In our childhood if a doctor prescribed that you should sleep on hard bed, the old ladies used to say that doctors are mad’ Instead of soft bed, they are advising hard beds. But believe it, hard bed is the best treatment of back pain.

Regular Exercise is Necessary

The restful life style increases this problem . Doing no exercise bring stiffness in the spine, which creates any other related problems. Light exercises under the guidance of a guide can be started. Afterwards you can do it independently also.

Keep Constant Check on the Weight and Tension

Do not allow obesity to capture your body. Do not eat Junk food. Oily and fried things should be avoided to the possible extent. These things are responsible for weight gain. You can take ghee.

This brings flexibility in the bones. Rather take ghee on the chapatti, rice and dal. Avoid fried oily things. Thus you will feel light. The obesity directly attacks your back and knees. If at all you are going out for meals try to have nutritive food full of calcium and vitamins. Increase intake of green leafy vegetables in your diet.

Do not Walk with Bend Neck

Never walk with bended neck. It also damages the back. With wrong pastures of sitting, walking and lying increases the possibility of hunchback. More to it, walking with bended neck shows the lack of confidence.

Do not Pick Weight Beyond Your Capacity

Regular exercise is necessary. Wrong exercises also cause back pain. If you are going to a gym, always do it under the guidance of the trainer. Never try to pick more weight beyond your capacity.

It brings damage to your back directly. 45% people have this problem due to the shortage of Vitamin D. According to the research of PGI four out of five persons suffer from back pain at least once. These days there are some gadgets which are helpful in throwing away the pain.

Cervical Support Pillow

Remove the neck stiffness: While sleeping if you feel stiffness in the neck, in this situation you can use cervical pillow. With its use you get relief. It has nylon zip with washable cover. You can have the options of two levels of heights according to your choice. The pain of getting up after the sleep is relieved with its use.

Rolling Massager

With this hand held massager, you can massage any part of the body. Due to its portable design you can take it easily while travelling. With its elbow angle design, you can easily use it on the lower, middle, top and side of the back. In it you have facility of point massage, massage roller and baby surface.

Foods to be Taken in Back Ache

If you eat drum sticks with its soup, gradually and slowly you will get rid of back and knee pain. Try to take its gravy. This vegetable is a blessing especially for the ladies. Apricot is also very beneficial for back pain. More to it milk and other dairy products are also beneficial for bones. If need you can take supplement of calcium and Vitamin D for the bones.

Electric Blanket

In this blanket you have the stages of temperature 0 to 1 and 2 with which you can warm the blanket according to your need. It is in the size of 10 to 140 cm. For double heating there is a helix wire with censor. For heating there is automatic facility also, in which there is timer switch of 12 hours duration.

You need not to get up to switch it off. Due to its fitted sheet, you can keep it easily. This is also comfortable for double bed.

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