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Walking is Trending

Walking is Trending Introduction: As the new year began, we saw that the streets and parks were crowded in an unexpected way. People made the decision to get fit and began exercising. The majority of...

Food Security in India

Food Security in India Introduction: Food security was a major challenge for the country after independence. Poverty had grappled the country. One of the many manifestations of poverty is starvation. After the second five year...

Winters Knocking

Winters Knocking Introduction: It is almost December and winters are knocking at the door. We can sense it with the advent of shorter days and longer nights. Winters bring with them the urge to bask...

Importance of Fitness in Today’s Life

Importance of Fitness in Today’s Life Introduction: The age-old popular saying that a positive mindset dwells in a healthy person is especially important for us nowadays. The fitness of people has suffered as a result...
India's Look East policy -sachi shiksha

India’s Look East policy

India's Look East policy Introduction: Diplomacy is a methodology that governments use to influence the actions of foreign governments through peaceful means such as negotiations and dialogue. For any country to survive in the global...
Deteriorating Air Quality -sachi shiksha

Deteriorating Air Quality

Deteriorating Air Quality Introduction: Every year, around these months which mark the beginning of winters we experience immense air pollution which obstructs our vision and also impacts our respiratory system negatively. This is because of...
Mental Health Literacy in India

Mental Health Literacy in India

Mental Health Literacy in India Introduction: Every year from May-1 to 31st May we celebrate the mental awareness month, but still there is long way to go and achieve. India is not far behind other...
Food Security -sachi shiksha

Food Security

Food Security Introduction: Food security is a fundamental component of our long-term viability. To achieve sustainable development, the objectives of food safety and security must be matched, and trade-offs between these objectives must be properly...
Stop Touching Your Face –Break the Bad Habit -sachi shiksha

Stop Touching Your Face –Break the Bad Habit

Stop Touching Your Face –Break the Bad Habit Did you ever imagine that touching your face, even sub-consciously, can be an unhealthy, unhygienic, annoying habit? Studies have found that people across different age groups, particularly...
Coconut - the Underrated Beauty Ingredient -sachi shiksha

Coconut – the Underrated Beauty Ingredient

Coconut - the Underrated Beauty Ingredient Introduction: Coconut is considered as the super food loaded with health and beauty benefits. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and antifungal; it is an excellent moisturizer and is used...
Take Your Kids for Nature Walk - sachi shiksha punjabi

Take Your Kids for Nature Walk

Take Your Kids for Nature Walk Introduction: Going for a leisure walk, either early morning or late evening, by the beach or country-side, seems enjoyable and appeals to most of us.   It can be very...

Comedy Needs Censor Now

 Comedy Needs Censor Now Introduction: Comedy is a fiction genre that takes the form of narratives meant to be hilarious or entertaining by triggering laughter, particularly films, stand-up comedy, television, radio, journals, and any other...

Benefits of Gym

Benefits of Gym Introduction: Exercise refers to any body movement which makes our muscles move and make the body to burn calories. There exist various kinds of physical activities like running, jogging, swimming, dancing, etc....

Don’t Let Your Weekends Become a Headache For You

Don’t Let Your Weekends Become a Headache For You Introduction: Current timings are rushy timings and time is running at a very fast speed. Living life like machines, we don’t even realize when it turns...

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Rome Was Not Built In a Day

Rome Was Not Built In a Day Introduction: The English author John Heywood's concluded that "Rome wasn't built in a day, yet they were laying...
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World’s Largest Vegetable Masque

Dera Sacha Sauda, an organization known for confluence of all religions, delivered a great and unique massage of worldwide awareness for the utilization of...

4th Farmers Fare on 24 -25 March, 2014

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