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How to Strengthen Blood Ties

Introduction: Even after thinking a lot, I cannot understand why today a brother is becoming thirsty for the blood of his own brother. Can’t they live together in a loving manner? Is everyone’s blood turning white today? What has happened that the meaning of relationships is changing?

Clash of Interests:

Perhaps our interests have started clashing so much that we are becoming intolerant. To fulfill them, all of us are unnecessarily taking part in the race day and night, losing our happiness and peace. We are all becoming limited to this only. Apart from these, we neither see anyone nor do we want to think about anybody else.


Our ego is becoming so strong that it does not want to compromise with anyone, on any condition. The mentality of seeing the whole world or setting it on fire is causing great harm to the society. Our ego does not allow us to establish harmony with others. Therefore, it is succeeding in isolating us from everyone and we are becoming its victims.


Both selfishness and ego are playing an important role in the disintegration of families. This is the reason why children want to enjoy happiness by dividing their parents’ wealth and business etc. during their lifetime. They always feel that their parents should not give more portion of their property to their other brother or sister. If this happens then they will remain in loss. The biggest thing is that no one wants to deal with losses. Therefore, they keep making efforts to fulfill their selfish interests. By adopting legitimate and illegitimate tactics, they steal the hard-earned money of the parents.

Getting Away From One’s Own Family:

Today’s children know how to get their rights but want to remain unaware of their responsibilities. They often forget to serve their parents. They don’t even remember how to behave well with their brothers and sisters. Children cannot live in the upper or lower floors of their ancestral house, but prefer to go to flats and live with the strangers. They can compromise by living there but they do not even like to see the faces of their own brothers and sisters. They think that they will be happy by living with strangers but this is not possible in life.

Greed for Wealth:

It is human weakness that whatever he desires and when it becomes available to him, he gets bored with it and wants to get something new. This is the reason for his disorientation which doesn’t let him rest anywhere. It is probably due to mutual discord in relationships that leads to the saying blood turns white. The brothers and sisters become so blinded by the greed for wealth that they become thirsty for each other’s blood. For this, they even hatch conspiracies to kill or get each other killed. Then they become enemies of family, society and justice throughout their life. Those for whom such heinous crimes are committed, they are left alone to struggle in the world.

Conclusion:  It has been wisely said that one should value one’s God-given relationships. The Supreme Master does not want one’s brothers and sisters to be treated unfairly. Wealth and glory are transitory. For this, one should avoid putting blood relations at stake. We all should maintain brotherhood as much as possible.


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