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Disastrous Effects of Pesticides

Indiscriminate use of pesticides has increased in agriculture, canned processed food and all packaged drinks to make them safe. As a result, the presence of pesticides in all food and beverages has increased and untimely lives of humans and other animals are being lost. At present, there is no such food or drink available in front of us which has survived the ill effects of pesticides.

From the vegetable world to the living world, everyone’s mutual life relationship is well established. The living world is related to all the trees and plants present on the earth. They have mutual co-existence. Insects thrive in all trees, plants, fruits and seeds. In the field of agriculture and horticulture, many types of fast and deadly pesticides are available in the market for the elimination of such pests, which farmers have started using in higher degree, due to which pesticides are automatically found in all the produced food items. Even after their production, pesticides are being added to it during their storage and marketing.

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Pesticides are present in almost all food grains, pulses, oilseeds, fruits, flowers, and vegetables, so direct use of any food item containing pesticides is full of dangers. In all processed food and beverages, manufacturers find some amount of pesticides during their production to make them sustainable. The presence of these insecticides keeps them safe from insects till use. As a result, pesticides remain effective in any processed food or drink you consume. Along with processed food, we also eat this insecticide drug found in it.  We also drink the pesticides present in beverages while drinking.

Today the situation is that whatever processed food and drinks are in front of us, fatal pesticides have been found in them which we use fearlessly. This pesticide chemical is also mixed in mineral water. The pesticides are also being found in the milk of cows and buffaloes who give milk by eating agricultural products and fodder. Small amounts of pesticides are present in the milk of mothers who eat unwashed fruits and vegetables, which are passed on to the breastfed infant.

Pesticides mixed in the fields and orchards are getting mixed in the water during rains and flowing into the river, pond, sea or all the water sources and water reservoirs. The excess of this pesticide has messed everything up. Agricultural friends and agricultural protectors are being killed. Turtle, crab, frog, snake, butterfly, moth, mongoose, and jackal, all are dying and disappearing one by one. These agricultural friends in the fields and gardens are becoming rare. Many species of fish of rivers and ponds are becoming extinct.

Algae, mussels, snails, which keep the water of rivers and ponds clean, have now reduced a lot. The side effects of these pesticides are visible everywhere. The excess of pesticides is making everyone weak through various diseases and making everyone fall prematurely prey to death. In the field of horticulture, it has become necessary to reduce its use and promote alternative natural pesticides. Along with this, it has become necessary for the government to reduce or fix the quantity of pesticides in processed food and drinks.

The general public should also take precautions in this direction. All grains, pulses, oilseeds, fruits, flowers, vegetables should be washed before use. By washing them under the stream of running water, the pesticides present on their upper layer will be washed away in the water. The use of packaged processed food and drinks should be minimized.

Conventional method or filtered water should be used instead of mineral water. If a food item is washed in plain or salt solution water and cooked by steam or any other method, then the pesticides present in it are reduced by 50 to 60 percent. Taking precautions yourself will prove helpful to a great extent.


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