The Revered Spiritual Guide Saved His Disciple from the Bandit Gang

The Benevolence of Revered Sai Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj

The Revered Spiritual Guide Saved His Disciple from the Bandit Gang : Experiences of Spiritual Followers 

Devotee Gurmukh Insan, son of Shri Ram Singh, resident of Kalyan Nagar, Sirsa, describes the immense mercy shown to him by the Revered Sai Beparwah Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj in the following manner:

This experience pertains to the time before the year 1960. At that time, we used to live in Dabwali Mandi. At that time the circumstances were such that no money was being earned. There was no work available either. At that time people were ready to work just in exchange for bread. In those days, gangs of thieves, thugs and dacoits were also very active. They used to kill people for a little money or valuables etc.

One such gang was quite active in Dabwali area also. There were 12-13 men in that gang. They used to roam freely in this area. That gang would do robbery somewhere or the other every day. One day that gang robbed Guru Nanak College and took away all the valuables. The management committee of the college issued an advertisement for hiring a watchman. At that time no one was ready to be a watchman there.

I agreed to work as a watchman there. My family members tried to stop me from joining the college as a watchman. They said that the bandits will kill you. I had and still have strong faith in my Spiritual Guide and I said that no one can kill me. My Spiritual Guide Beparwah Sai Mastana Ji is going to protect me. Who can kill me? I joined as a watchman in the college. I used to perform duty as a watchman at night.

What I see that day is that some members of the gang are coming. I had a small weapon. How could I fight those 12-13 armed men all alone? I raised the holy slogan of ‘Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra’ at the holy feet of my Revered Spiritual Guide Beparwah Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj; Sai Ji! Now, only You can save me. I don’t know what the Spiritual Guide showed them that they moved away from me a little and stood up. When I challenged them, they got irritated.

They loaded the local gun with gunpowder in order to kill me.  They pointed the gun at me and tried to fire it. But by the grace of the Spiritual Guide, they could not get the gun’s stopper out and it went off. Thirty-forty feet high sparks of fire came out. Those sparks fell on their own men and some of their men got injured, after which they picked up their injured men and ran away.

In this way, my Revered Spiritual Guide, my Sai Ji saved me from the clutches of death. There was no doubt that death was right in front of me. The gun was loaded with gunpowder and they fired it towards me. The stopper did not open, this was not natural, but my Spiritual Guide Himself showered His grace thereby saving my life. In this way, where parents, sisters and brothers are of no use, only the Spiritual Guide comes to rescue His devotees.

Even today, I have the same faith in the embodiment of my Spiritual Guide, Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. In my view, Revered Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj and Revered Present Spiritual Master Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan are the one and the same. My only request at the holy feet of my Revered Father is, Revered Father! Keep showering Your grace upon me like this. Please keep me loyal & attached to You unto my last breath.


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