The Moments Spent in the remembrance of the Spiritual Guide

The true Spiritual Guide, great benevolent, caretaker of the poor, the sick and the needy, great social reformer Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh ji Maharaj’s entire life was spent in the service of the humanity.
He was the second Spiritual Master of Dera Sacha Sauda who devoted His entire life to the service of distressed human beings. His efforts brought happiness to the lives of a large number of people. He made lives of people heaven like.
Param Pita ji left this earthly abode on December 13, 1991.
The occasion of His merging with the Divine Light is remembered as Yaad-e-Murshid free Eye Check-up Camp by Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji Insan.

A medical camp is held every day on this occasion where people suffering from eye problems are treated by a host of doctors. As a homage to the Benevolent Benefactor, Param Pita ji, this day is marked for giving eyesight to hundreds and lakhs of sightless people. The day comes as an inspiration to those working for the humanity.

It is a day whereby people get inspiration to help others selflessly. The proof of this can be seen at the eye medical camp. Thousands of volunteers work selflessly to provide help to the patients suffering from eyesight problem. Those among the volunteers include doctors, nursing staff, people serving tea and snacks and other works.

The day is remembered as `Yad-e-Murshid’ or Day of Remembrance of Spiritual Guide. This day is a lesson to the society to devote life for the service of the people.
Year by year the progrmme is growing bigger. For those suffering eye problem, this day is the beginning of a new dawn. Such people get light in their eyes and their lives after the eye operation. Eyesight is the biggest gift that one can give to others.

This is an occasion to remember God and thank Him for His benevolence. The helpless and the people with weak eyesight thank Revered Guru ji for the medical help provided to them They profusely thank the Guiru Ji for returning their eyesight or get treated of their own eye problems. Now they are able to see the world with their eyes which is an amazing gift. This is a great blessing of the Guru to the people and the society as such.

Everybody is indebted to the Spiritual Guide. Everybody is singing praises of Him. On the occasion of this great day, a few glimpses of His sacred life and works. Holy life-Param Pita Shah Satnam ji Maharaj incarnated in Jalalana Sahib, Kalan Wali Tahsil, Sirsa District of Haryana. His father’s name was Revered Sardar Variam Singh Ji and mother Revered As Kaur Ji. His father was a well-to-do landlord.

He was the Zaildar of the village who was respected much. His mother was religious minded and a kind soul who believed in social service.
It was the influence of his truthful and kind-hearted mother that from His childhood Param Pita ji imbibed good values and culture.

He developed great respect for God and kept Himself in good company. He wanted to be closer to the God and so always kept the company of sages to fulfil His wishes. But despite this company, He did not come closer to God. Then on march 14, 1954 the took God’s Words from Revered Beparwah Shah Mastana ji Maharaj.

It was at this time that God met God. It was now just the right time to reveal His true identity to the world. The prophecy of the religious ascetic was coming true at this time. At the age of 40 the Revered Param Pita Ji following on the order of the Beparwah mastana ji Maharaj, he brought his entire wealth, property to Dera Sacha Sauda.
He even broke His huge house and brought everything to His guide in Dera Sacha Sauda. From then onwards, devoted His life to the welfare of the people and donated all his wealth and property.

Revered Beparwah Mastana ji had by now made all enquirie sand tested Him well to find out that He was a self-less man. He proved to be successful in all the tests. So on February 28, 1960 Revered Mastana ji Maharaj decided to handover all His powers to ShahSatnam ji and made Him His own form from Sardar Harbans Singh to `Shah Satnam ji’. Shah Satnam ji then made tireless efforts to make Dera Sacha Sauda what it is today. Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam ji Maharaj held religious discourses at faraway places in Raqjasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana and explained to the people the importance of God’s Word. The people were advised to keep themselves away from all sorts of intoxication.
God’s Word was given to thousands of people.

They took pledge to lead a life free of evils . The Revered Guru ji did not bother about the adverse weather and went out, travelled a lot from place to place to spread a message of love, peace and universal brotherhood. There were many times that He kept on working even when He was not well.
At times He had 104 degrees of fever and despite the advice of the doctors and fellow volunteers who even cancelled the religious discourse, Shah Satnam ji would insist on holding the programme.

On the request for cancelling the religious discourse by the volunteers He would say, “Beta sangat (religious gathering) would be waiting for a long time. If I don’t turn up their heart would be broken. We should hold the programme as planned earlier or else so many people will be put into inconvenience.
He always worked hard to remove the social evils so that society could be made pure and corruption free. Day in and day out the worked hard for His mission. For controlling the fast growth of population of the country, He gave the slogan, `chota parivar-sukhi parivar’ (Small family Happy Family) the religious discourse. He would always say that in the wish for a boy, the family often gets enlarged.

This results in the children not getting proper food and clothes and nutrition.
People then have to face poverty, unemployment etc.
Therefore one should treat the boy and the girl equally without any bias and prejudice. Revered Shah Satnam ji used to say that the boys and the girls must be treated equally and given equal rights. They must be given equal education as well and taught values of Indian traditions culture. He was also of the opinion that on occasions like birth and death, marriages etc., one should not overspend in the old traditional style.

He was totally against the custom of demanding or accepting dowry. It was he who started the custom of marriages without any dowry in the Dera Sacha Sauda.
As a result today lakhs of families are getting their sons married at Dera Sacha Sauda withkut spending a penny from their pocket. All of these people are today leading a happy life. It is a very healthy custom which must be followed by others as well Lakhs of families have benefited from the marriages without dowry in Dera Sacha Sauda. His Holiness wrote several religious texts in a simple language He wrote the `Satlok ka Sandesh’, a religious text which became very popular Anyone who listens to the texts gets blessed.

On December 23, 1990 Param Pita Ji Maharaj handed over all His powers and position to the present Revered Guru Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan and made Him sit on the royal throne. He made the present Spiritual Master eat special sweet pudding from His own hand and garlanded Him.
Shah Satnam ji Maharaj thus entered the physical young body of the present to become one with Him on Dec 13,1991. The present Rev Guru ji blessed the devotees for as many as 30-31 years. He devoted His entire life to the welfare of humanity and to the service of Dera Sacha Sauda. It is mainly because of the great efforts of Shah Satnam ji that the Dera today is shining like a sun and is truly a symbol of social service, service to humanity, honesty, self-confidence and independence.

The great social work started by Rev Shah Satnam ji Maharaj gave a message of self-sacrifice and service to humanity, He never discriminated against anybody. For him everyone was equal and the treatment meted out to everyone must also convey the same feeling.
More than 5 crore people today are associated with the Dera sacha Sauda. Shah Satnam ji gave a message of non-violence and brotherhood. According to the words of the revered Pita ji, ‘The Saint stands in the bazaar and asks for every one’s prosperity He is a friend to all and none have enmity.’. Treat everybody equally and be good to everybody is the message of Dera Sacha Sauda.

Everyone gets true respect and nobody is hurt and insulted. Not even birds or animals-dogs or cats , snakes or poisonous insects are hit or killed. Every hungry man or woman is fed properly, the sick are treated properly and others are given practical education. Everything is so clear and open here. Revered Guru ji is Himself committed to the service of society day in and out.
He works tirelessly to provide all kinds of help to the needy. Revered Guru ji wants that every section of society must benefit from religious discourses of the Dera.

Revred Guru ji works tirelessly. Lakhs and crores of people are associated with the humanitarian works of the Dera Sacha Sauda. Although social service is carried out in the Dera Sacha Sauda throughout the year both by the volunteers and the devotees under the guidance of Rev. Saint Dr. MSG, but special programmes related to humanitarian works are held on December 13-14 and 15 at Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospital, Sirsa.
These days hold a special significance in the history of Dera Sacha Sauda. Free eye camp `Yaad-e-Murshid’ is held in the memory of Revered Shah Satnam Ji.

Thousands of people get free eye treatment at the three-day camp in Sirsa. Free eye check-up and operations are performed during these camps. From the year 1992, when the camps began for the first time till today, as many as 24 such free eye camps have been held in Dera Sacha Sauda in which as many as 25,919 eye operations have been performed by excellent eye doctors.
Lakhs of people from India and abroad have benefited as a result of these eye camps. They have got their eyes checked up and whenever necessary got the eye operations performed by the doctors of Dera.

Last year as many as 11,417 people got their eyes checked-up in these eye camps. Different kinds of eye surgeries were performed on 996 patients in the eye camps. More than 500 patients were given eye glasses free of cost.
The important thing to note is that in the huge eye camp held in the year 2010, Dera Sacha Sauda created a Guinness World Record as 4603 eye health screening was done on December 12.
It was a great feat indeed and something that the Dera is really proud of.

However, this record was improved by Dera itself on December 12, 2013 when in the eye camp held on that day as many as 11,715 people had their eyes checked-up.
This was yet another Guinness World Record set up by Dera Sacha Sauda.

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