Based on the Holy Words of Revered Saint Dr. MSG

The Mind is Very Powerful : Based on the Holy Words of Revered Saint Dr. MSG
Educative & Authentic Truth

I do not want that your mind remains just equivalent to the value of Rs 100 only. What I mean is,do not make your mind dull and idle and remain stagnant. Make the mind work. There is so much power in the mind.

These words were spoken by Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan during a religious discourse. Devotees were present at the programme in lakhs. Revered Guru Ji was explaining the endless power of the mind to the large gathering present on the occasion. Brothers! The mind has immense power.

Take good ideas and vision from the mind and work accordingly. You will be the beneficiary. It is true that the mind is very powerful. It is also unlimited in potential. You can create anything you desire just by letting the mind do what it was created by God to do.

Once devotees begin to understand the power of the mind, and learn the laws of the universe, they can re-programme the subconscious. By doing so one can obtain anything he wants in life and live life to the fullest. But the mind has to be trained in a positive manner for the same.

The Revered Guru Ji told a somewhat comic, but very educative narration. He said that once a gentleman was asked if he was asked to repay the price of the mind how would he do that? First of all, one for example he is a big officer.

Somany people work under him. The company’s entire responsibility is on him. If agreed how many rupees out of Rs 100 will he give. He says, he will give Rs 50. Then he asked that there is a speaker. He will speak for the entire dy.

How many rupees will he give to him? He says he will give Rs 25. He again asked, there is a human being. He does work, but speaks very little and does not do so much work. He says, he will give him Rs 75.

Then he asked how much money will he give to the person who does not do any work, but spends his time joyfully sleeping and eating? He says, he will give him full Rs 100. He was surprised and amazed. He said that he was asked for the valuation of the mind.

What kind of answer is this? He answered that the person who speaks the whole day or the person who works the whole day have already spent their minds. If I purchase their mind what will I get? What is left in those minds? But the person who does not do anything, who sleeps the whole day after eating has a fresh mind.

Therefore, I will buy that mind by paying the full Rs 100. Revered Guru Ji said,He does not want that the mind should be worth Rs 100. Don’t take back the mind the way you have brought it on the earth. You have come to the world. Use your mind. The more you make your mind work, the better it will be and the more it will be useful also.

Make your mind generate good &positive ideas and work on those ideas for the benefit of everyone. There is so much power in the mind. Negative mind makes a person a devil. But a positive mind and positive ideas make a simple person great.

The same positive mind makes you reach towards God. Therefore, make best use of your mind. Make the best possible use of the mind. Let your mind be used for positive activities for the welfare of mankind.

Revered Guru Ji says that don’t take back the mind when you die as you inherited it when you were born. Make good use of the mind, do good activities. The more you use the mind, the better and more powerful it will become and be more useful to you for further activities. Revered GuruJi also gave a practical example for this.

He says if you have to solve a puzzle, use your brains to find the correct answer. If you don’t get the answer immediately, think over it again and put more effort through your mind to reach the solution.

Keep on trying till you succeed. In the end, you will manage to find the answer. On the other hand if you lose heart at the first try and stop straining your find to find the correct answer, your mind will not grow at all.

It will not make effort to find out the answer. Therefore, remember, even if do recitation of God’s Word, attend religious discourse,your mind power will increase. When the thinking power enhances, you use the brain more and more.

When you use your brain more for constructive activities, God showers more of His blessings on you. You can try and see for yourself.

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