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No Error in the Creation of God

Introduction: If we start looking at God’s nature, we cannot understand its starting and ending points. Where to start? This biggest question comes to the fore. The more we think about His creation, the more we become immersed in it.

The Perfection of God’s Creation:

We call those who are immersed in His creation philosophers. They go on discussing His miracles. The perfection of everything He has created compels us to wonder why we can’t be like Him? If we start looking at anything made by Him, start thinking about it deeply, then even after searching a lot we cannot find any flaw in it.

Disciplined Working of Nature:

 Let us take nature only. The Sun, the Moon, air, river, sea, planets and the stars etc. all keep doing their work regularly, without stopping and without getting tired, all the time, 24 hours a day. They neither need any alarm clock nor do they need any rebuke for negligence in their work. God never needs to take their classes or explain to them from time to time. Nor do they all send applications for leave to the boss that they are tired or want to go for a picnic, so they should be freed from their daily work for some time. They are constantly moving by being disciplined. They all never give a chance to complain.

Natural Beauty of Nature:

Wherever you look, the natural beauty of nature is scattered in the universe. We leave no stone unturned on our part to make it ugly. Still that beauty attracts us all. Trees laden with colorful fruits and flowers in cities and forests astonish us. The fragrance of flowers adds to their beauty. He is a great painter. Its color scheme is beyond our understanding. They have created such beautiful aquatic, terrestrial and sky creatures that one can just stare at them. We kill and eat those creatures mercilessly for the taste of our tongue.

Similarly, the more we analyze other things, the more we drown in them. At that time we feel that we wish we could find that Creator of the world so that we can satisfy our curiosity.

Humans Can’t Grant Life to the Lifeless:

If we humans create any new thing, how many times do we test it to make sure there is no flaw left? Even after all this, mistakes occur on our part. We can make an effigy, we can make it utter the memorized matter by using a battery, but we can make it alive by putting life into it.

God Takes Care of All:

We earthly beings cannot live together with a limited number of people in a family or clan. Our mutual differences force us to create distance. We are not able to gather all the resources for them or because of our ego we are not able to support everyone even if we want to. On the other hand, the Supreme Father is one and He has created billions and trillions of living beings on this earth and takes care of them all very easily and provides them all the comforts and facilities.


It is very easy to find fault with any creation made by us but there is no scope for error in any creation made by that God. That’s why He is great and we all bow down before Him.


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