The mercy of the revered Saint Shah Satnam ji

The mercy of the revered Saint Shah Satnam ji

Regaled with his Noori presence

Devotee Yashpal Swami Insan, son of Sri Raghuvar Dayal Swami, Village and post Babiyal, Tahsil Ambala-Cantt, District Ambala, Haryana. Devotee Yashpal Swami shares his own sweet and very interesting experiences about the kindness of revered Master Shah Satnam ji with us as follows:-

I was blessed with the “naam-shabad” (the Method of Meditation) by revered Saint Shah Satnam ji on the “Kartik Poornima” day of the year 1976 during the holy “Bhandara” (i.e. birthday celebration) of revered Master Saint Mastanaji. I used to work for Indian Air force (troops) those days. My duty was in Ambala-Cantt itself. I hail from a village nearby Ambala, that day I had come to my village.

There was a “Naam Charcha” (i.e. community prayer meeting) in my village Babiyal and the same evening I had to join my duty by 7 o’clock. I sent a telephone message to my colleague guards that I am going to be late and asked them to take charge of my duty too in by absence. The Naam Charcha got over at around 10 o’clock at night and I reached for my duty almost at the same time.

My other two colleagues also could not make it to their duty that night because of some reason. When I reached my section immediately after Naam Charcha, no one was present on duty. Irrespective of day or night, one had to be really alert all the time in that area. No one being present on the duty, any such carelessness was intolerable.

Air force Police informed our officers through telephone that in so and so section no one was present on duty. Our party had to take charge of the next shift from the people who had served their shifts till 7 o’clock in the evening. They did not receive my message.

If only they would have received my message, they could have served for 2-3 hours of extra duty; by the time I reached there. It seems they had left on their usual time, but I served my duty in my section after 10 o’clock and next day I discharged the afternoon troop and served their duty too and again at night I served my own shift in my section.

Still my officer’s charge sheeted me for coming late on my duty by 3 hours. Officers were right; security was of the prime concern. What was I to do? The revered Master was my sole support. I prayed with my heart and soul in front of revered Master Shah Satnam ji’s photograph asking him to protect me and my dignity.

My service record has been absolutely clean but this absenteeism could cause a “red-entry” which could have destroyed my clean track record and causing disgrace and hindering my promotions too.

Charge sheet was filed and I was waiting to be called by my commanding officer every day. My heart was pacing all the time as it was a matter of security that could not be compromised in any condition. Days passed by but no one ever called me.
One fine day an officer came to me and asked Mr. Swami your charge trail has been done? I replied, Sir! You have already proceeded with the reporting; it’s none of your business now. Whenever the officers ask me to appear I will come.

With the blessings of revered Master Shah Satnam ji no one ever called me for the charge trial in my job tenure at Ambala- Cantt. I got a transfer to Bangalore after Ambala-Cantt. I never got to see or hear about even the traces of that chargesheet till date, because of beloved Master’s amazing forgiveness. As a true master and disciple, he had blessed his child.

Another very interesting incident is of the year 1982. I was posted in Shillong at that point of time. I had taken leave to attend the holy birthday celebration of revered Saint Mastana ji. One day I was meditating after coming back from the Ashram.

It was hardly 10-15 minutes after I started my meditation suddenly the room filled with light. I was startled and opened my eyes after sensing such bright light; I saw the room filled with bright light with my eyes wide open. I observed carefully and saw revered Master Saint Shah Satnam ji in his “Noori” (i.e. with divinity enlightened) avatar.

Even the sunlight was outshined by the divine-light of my spiritual Master. My whole life I can never forget that sight of my beloved Master.

I would like to describe that Noori avatar with the following lines:-

“Maine Mahboob ko sitaron mein dekha hai, maine mahboob ko baharon mein dekha hai I
Mere mahboob! Tere Parda-nashini ki kasam , maine tujhe sarsa mein dekha hai II”
Dear spiritual Master, I want to spend my life raving about you and want to be immersed in your devotion which lasts my lifetime. That is all I wish for and that is all I pray to you.

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