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Ques. – The dedication of a devotee depends upon the extent of faith with the spiritual guide. Is it justified to determine it through the financial contributions?

Ans. It is out of question. The love, affection and faith are not governed through physical, property and the financial strenght. The God Himself approches the devotee possessing full faith in His grace.

Ques. – Is it correct when responsible committees members of Dera Sacha Sauda. { may be 7, 15 or 25 members} compel the devotees for undue financial contibution ?

Ans. – It is wrong in all aspects. These responsible persons only can motivate and persuade the devotees but can’t compel anyone . The members can narrate the true advantages of achieving divine happiness. They should be careful and the decision should be left to the concerned devotee.

Ques. – Is it right that every devotee should offer services to one’s capacity and capability ?

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Ans. – Every devotee earns hundred time reward of the services rendered by him. Each one should perform utmost devotional services but not beyond capacity. For Example , we get milk from a goat without blemishes, like wise, if we offer voluntary manual, intellectual and financial services with full devotion, the Almighty God will bestow unlimited eternal delight (beyond expectations).

Ques.- It is presumed that the benifits of selfless services at Dera Sacha Sauda are protected in the reserve accounts of Almighty Lord when we do not take the community meals offered in lieu of our services. Is it correct ?

Ans. . It has been publically proclaimed during spiritual discourse by His Holiness Beparwah Mastana Ji Maharaj, Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj and the present spiritual Master, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, that community meals must for served to the volunteers . Therefore, everyone should utilize these meals without hesitation. The services rendered by you shall definitely bring you the eternal divine bliss.

Ques. – When the souls attain their ultimate destination , do they enjoy same or different levels of delight, based upon the extent of their meditation?

Ans. – Yes, the different souls cherish different status.

Ques. – A women organization has launched a project to stop the use of intoxicants in our village Kaliyan, block Keri of Sri Ganganagar district.Wine and other kinds of intoxicants have been completely abondoned. Seventy ladies of that organization have come to seek your blessings (and thirty have already been initiated).

Ans. – Well done ! Best wishes for their great achievements. We request all ladies, gents and head of the village to collectively work for stopping the use of all intoxicants, so that coming generation is strong and healthy.

Ques.- It is considered that money can buy every thing except offspring on this earth. But now a days, it has become possible to have desceudants through test tube babies. People try upto three time. Is it lawful or un-authorized. How does the soul enter the baby if the process is invalid?

Ans.- The doctors try to adopt the practical process through the technique of test tube babies. The process seems to be different but every material is derived from human body. The developing child gets proper temperature and fabourable conditions because the embryo is transplanted in the womb of mother. The soul also enters in its natural manner. In our opinion, it has been achieved through advancement in scientific techniques, but nothing is possible without the benevolence of God. Presence of simple water in the test tube can not generate anything.

Ques. – Every auspicious ceremony is started by joining the two ends of a ribben. Can the devotees welcome the marriage party through such action ?

Ans. – Yes, the ceremony can be performed by joining the ribbens but a good and comfortable height of the ribben should be maintained.

Ques. – When the soul finds its exit from the body, does it remember the events of past life or forget everything ?

Ans. – The soul is capable to recollect the events of past life because it has to bear the consequences of past actions. If it acquires the divine destination, even then the soul is able to perceive the past happenings . The soul forgets if it has to undergo through heaven or hell but it is compelled to recollect ultimately, the soul completely forgets everything on its rebirth to another generation.

Ques. – Does the continuation of bad habits cause obstacle in ending our viceous cycle of rebirth (transmigrations )?

Ans.- The process of renouncing the bad habits is the only method for visualization of God. Therefore, you should resort to meditation so that bad habits can easily be discharged.

Ques.- These days, the girls are facing misbehaviour , when shall this get stopped ? Is it due to the consequences of evil deeds of previous generations as presumed by certain persons?

Ans. Misfortunes and inability to react in self defence, that too can be considered as short fall in desirabe actions. One has to suffer for both the misdeeds. Therefore, the girls have to be strong enough and undergo training for self defence which is available in Dera Sacha Sauda. They should not fear for any reason and discuss the matter with their parents.

Ques. – We had promised and pledged to motivate two or three persons for initiation during every spiritual discourse but could not succeed in our task. Shall we get the benefits of your kind benevolence if we brings 25-30 persons collectively for initiation ?

Ans. – Yes, you shall enjoy the grace for your efforts. If you cannot bring the desired number in one month, you can try for the double number in the next month. You shall continue to cherish the desired delight and blessings.

Qus.- A learned Brahman had predidted about a particular boy to be auspicious (propitious) and marrying your daughter with him may lead to the death of the boy or girl. Shall it be appropriate to decide about this marriage?

Ans.- You should not bother about such superstition during this scientific age. You should go for geting blood or the pathological report instead of matching the horoscope. This will prevent ill effects on the coming generations.

Ques. – A few days back , a team of village chiefs belonging to District Fatehabad (Haryana State) went on tour to Mount abu (Rajasthan State). Sh. Satpal, chief village Chhalnia, narrated that their team passed through a tribal area and stayed in a hotel. Our team members enquired about the status of tribal peoples of the region. As per version of hotel owner, this area was dangerous. But the residents this region have acquired goodness after their initiation through a saint from haryana. The village chief felt impressed and gratified that the great saint has transformed there activities from demons to friendly persons.

Ans.- All this transformation is due to the grace of Almighty God. There are no two opinions that those wicked persons have been changed to social, sincere, cordial and dutiful citizens.

Ques- How do you visualize the existance of God in devotees during religious congregation ?

Ans. – We are capable to visualize God within every devotee in the form of our own spiritual master. This presence can be realized everywhere in the materialist and astral world in the same divine figure. We are able to feel His presence in every particle. If you also wish to realize this truth, you should resort to meditation.

Ques- The Media persons have mis-represented the concept of 1500 ‘Bhagat yodha’ as if they are being compelled to marry the sex workers. One of newspaper published from Fatehabad has also given such a wrong statement.

Ans.- We don’t expect any favour form anyone. It is better, you should regulate your life in a virtuous manner and need not feel tension about others. According to Saint Kabir Ji you shuold not feel worried if your residence is located besides a butchers’ family. We only pronounced that the ‘ Bhagat Yodha’ shall be prepared to adopt a sex worker as his life partner. This is a positive step to extend help to the society.

Ques. We are not able to perform meditation to the required extent during comfortable situations, but the speed of mediation increases during the state of grief . Do we face troubles due to shortfall in the period for meditation ?

Ans.- You have to bear the discomforts as per your destiny if you don’t perform proper meditation. Therefore, continue regular meditation so that you become free form the troubles of your misfortunes.

Ques.  How much pleasure is felt by the spiritual master when a blessed soul progresses towards Him without caring for the materialistic world?

Ans.- The Spiritual master feels immense pleasure. The happiness can be compared to that of a mother, when she gets back her departed child.

Ques. Is it not a mystery when a person is able to visualize your presence everywhere and always feels you in his company, even though he is least involved in meditation.?

Ans. – It seems to be baseless or exaggerated remark.

Ques.  Can we wear the uniform of green s welfare force wing while participating in the game competition other then eve of ‘Garv Divas’?

Ans.- No, You should not use this uniform for the competitions other the eve prescribed.

Ques. When I try to perform meditation , my tongue gets pressed under my teeth which prevents me to continue meditation. Why is it so ?

Ans.- It may be due to consequences of certain misdeeds. You are adviced to offer prayers during routine activities. Later on, when you become used to it, then continues in siting posture. This will provide relief to your problems.

Qus. I am a soldier in the army. Am I bound to suffer from sins of murdering the infiltrators or invaders or is it a dealing of previous generations.

Ans – There may be fortune of give and take of generations, but you are performing your duty. Self defence is moral obligation.

Ques. Can we distribute pamphlets to highlight the 96-acts of social welfare launched by Dera Sacha Sauda.

Ans- Yes, you can.

Qus. How can we overpower the viceous cycle of transmigration (death and rebirth )?

Ans.- It can be overcome through meditation.

Ques. Is it necessary to seek to permissions form administration of Dera Sacha Sauda for activities of social welfare?

Ans .- People don’t appreciate your help these days. Sometimes, the masses may work against your goodness. Therefore, it is necessary to seek guidance. However you can perform certain activities without permission, for example, tree plantation.

Ques. Can we collect certain amount from the devotees to manage the religious assembly being organized at block level ?

Ans.-Block is not managed through collection of money. A specified team is constituted to collect certain amount to manage actitives of social welfare, as for the treatment of patients. However, the devotees can be motivated for their involvement in prayers & extending manual service.

Ques. It we observe that a good number of people from a particular village are attending the spiritual assembly at block level, can the devotees (present there) raise the slogan in their honor?

Ans. -Yes, they can.

Ques. What kind of sacred deeds and fortunes in the previous life (generation) lead to the re-emergence of specified soul in a Royal family.

Ans. -There is certain kind of ascetic practice in previous generation which may result in blessing a royal life in the existing generation.

Ques.  What are the advantages gained through the attendance in religious assembly?

Ans.-The devotees reap the good benefits equivalent to meditation of 15 days provided they remain in full devotion.

Ques. What is meant by midstream in term of spirituality?

Ans.-The meaning of midstream comes under two aspects. Firstly, if a person abandons the habit of performing prayers or worships, looses faith in God and resorts to wicked deeds. Secondly, if a person becomes restless and acquires great tension due continued evil actions. They are unable to seek any solution in both these situations.

Ques. What do we understand by Angels?

Ans. -Angels and gods can be considered equivalent to employees in the kingdom of Almighty God to control the activities in the universe.

Ques. Can the devotees wear the specified dress for Green -s- Welfare Force Wing, if such volunteers have not taken the pledge for the same?

Ans. -You can use the prescribed specified uniform after seeking the permission for the same.

Ques. The devotees fill up their prescribed forms for social welfare at the meetings organized at block level. Can we take propitiatory offerings for such devotees?

Ans. -O yes! With pleasure.

Ques. Sometimes, the family raises objections on the amount spent for the cause of humanity. Shall we enjoy the benefits of social welfare?

Ans. -Almighty God bestows many times benefits because He advances hundreds of steps towards you against every sigle step towards His grace. It will be better if you seek the consent of your family or spend only out of your personal savings.

Ques. We seek your kind blessings because about 10000 residents of village Mathuwas have pledged to abandon all intoxicants on your graceful directions through a drive of social welfare.

Ans. -Well done! It is a great achievements to make the people free from all intoxicants.

Ques. When we don’t find any solution to a problem, we depend upon the idea of meditation, is that an opinion of mind or reflection of the soul?

Ans.-If you continue your regular meditation, you shall come to realize whether the solution is a thought of mind or reflection from the soul?

Ques. Revered Guru ji, My mother had an allergic disease on her hands, but she is now fully cured due to application of cucumber juice. These cucumbers were blessed by your holiness.

Ans.-Such blessing are due to the grace of Almighty God. His kind benevolence depends upon your emotional perceptions for him.

Ques. What is the state of true asceticism? What should be the method of meditation on attaining freedom of worldly desires (asceticism)?

Ans.-Continued meditation in sitting posture (suggested for Yoga) even on achieving the state of asceticism. It is very fortunate to attain such a state because you can acquire the desired destination to visualize God, where as parched state drags backwards.

Ques. How can we utilize the amount collected from devotees of different blocks for the purchase of Ambulance Vans ?

Ans. – You can deposit the amount in the account of Green-S-Welfare Force Wing for its appropriate utilization. Such amount shall be used for the purchase of Ambulances whenever and wherever required.

Ques. What is difference inbetween a spiritual saint and a virtuous person?

Ans. -A true saint guides to avoid hypocrisy, advices to abide by the eternal truth and helps to unite the soul with Almighty God. Persons involved in mystic activities are altogether different.

Ques. Respected Guru Ji, we face problems in maintaining our computerized record when certain devotees give or exchange their specific lockets. Your kind advice is solicited to solve this problem.

Ans. – The person who gives his locket is someone else is likely to loose his pleasures and the one who receives the locket, has to bear the burden of misfortune. Every devotee is adviced to sustain this identity and should never transfer the locket to any one else.

Ques. An additional aspect of human welfare is suggested here through which we can create a shoe-bank and provide footwears (shoes and sandals) to the needy persons.

Ans. – Yes, you are welcome to suggest new aspects to be adopted for the cause of human welfare.

Ques. Does the financial help rendered to the sick relative or a devotee provide the desired and actual relief.

Ans- You also acquire divine blessings’ in addition to the desired relief extended to the needy persons.

Ques. Does it seem to be correct when certain persons again perform the rituals of marriage after the garlanding ceremony at Dera Sacha Sauda.

Ans. – It is not justified. People are advised to select either of the two rites.

Ques. How long was the creation of human generation delayed after the appearance of 8.4 million races of life forms?

Ans – How can we predict the time gap for the creation of human race. It may have been just a few hours because the God felt that none of the life form was willing to return, therefore, the supreme creation was projected.

Ques. Whether the 8.4 million of life forms have been created through the god of time or the Almighty God Himself? More so, has the human race been the well imagined creation of God ?

Ans. – All the body forms of life have been created from 5 basic elements through the god of time.

Ques. What are special gifts granted at ultimate divine abode?

Ans.-You get brilliant glance of Almighty God. Suppose you are fond of sweet eatable. But if someone adds certain unwanted material with sweet articles that spoils the taste and gives bad feeling. You enjoy the other moments, when you are again given sweets of your choice. You can achieve better radiances of God if you progress in meditation. You get more grace and extreme delight.

Ques. Your kind blessing are solicited for certain ladies who travel alone and become the victims of
un-social elements, when they visit far off places of spiritual discourse or cleanliness drive organized at metro cities.

Ans. – The honorable team of 25 member and staff of administrative block are requested to arrange the duties of male members for the safety of lady volunteers. The women and children should not perform solo-journey but should travel with families. They should be under the complete protection through male members.

Ques. What are divine spirits ? what are their refined instincts?

Ans. – A soul is a radiance separated form a perfect and divine superpower. It can possess any of the two instincts, either to perform prayers/meditations or follow the path of evil deeds. Good actions develop good fortunes. A person achieves all benefits if the righteous thoughts overpower the wicked actions.

Ques. How do the drunkards feel at ease and contented ?

Ans. – You seem to be in mis apprehension. Regarding to our religions, consemption of flesh and alcohol is aptitude of devils. Their easiness
is a pretence (ostentations) They actually suffer with tension and many diseases. They may seem to be comfortable for a short span but are bound to undergo innumerable sufferings.

Ques. If we feel ascetism and free from all worldly desires during prayers on God words, shall that be considered as meditation ?

Ans – Feeling as ascetism is true from of meditation. If you concatenate on God words in solitude, you shall visulize God in short span.

Ques. Shall we have the Good fortune to see you at our ultimate divine destinations after our death?

Ans. – You should resort to regular meditation and the Almighty God will make you realize during your life time to which spiritual power shall you visulize at eternal abode.

Ques  Thousands of people have abandoned the evil of homosexuality due to your explanations on its ill effects. There-after many devotees conveyed their feelings to the judiciary and executive administration. As a result of this, the supreme court of India has declared homosexuality as punishable crime. Please bestow your kind grace on the political leaders who are pleading that act of homosexuality
be adopted as acceptable action. Australia has also acknowledged homosexuality as illegal act after India.

Ans.- People should never accept and adopt any unnatural act.Homosexuality is against the principles of our refined civilization . God has created distinct men and women, therefore , this evil act is against divine principles. Masses have to bear the consequences of wicked and unnatural actions because homosexuality is the root cause of many diseases and sufferings.

Ques. What are the differences inbetween the god of death and god to in opportune time?

Ans.-The god of death is messenger or agent of wickedness who has created this earth. All the evil deeds of anger, lust, greed, allurement, egoism, mind etc. under his jurisdiction. On the contrary, the god of inopportune time is never involved in the viceous cycle of birth and death.

Ques. I wish to quote your kind advice that nothing can happen without the wishes/pleasure of God. Who should be considered responsible if certain mistake gets committed despite my efforts to avoid it?

Ans. – The person performing any misdeeds has to bear the consequence. It can be possible that one may unknowingly consume certain unwanted eatables. But we can not take it as grant that said person remains unawared of the committed evil deeds. Perform regular meditation so as to distinguish the right and wrong actions.

Ques. Is the friendship between boy and a girl trust worthy?

Ans – The friendship between a boy and girl is right to a limited extent. But it is believed that association of oil and fire is dangerous. Such relations can be endured among people with good concepts and instincts but is difficult in present age of vices.

Ques. How can the over active senses be regulated in the over conscious world?

Ans. – Except for meditation, there does not seem to be any other method to control the over vigilant senses.

Ques. How about the concept of inauspicious fortune in a boy or Girl?

Ans. – This seems to be psychic perversion. Do not follow it.

Ques. Is it not a disrespect to God when certain persons worship your portrait ? Is it not wrong to permit self worship when people consider you as their guide?

Ans.-No one can prove that we have proclaimed to be God. We have always conveyed to act as humble servant and watchman to human community. Now also we have given you the same statement. We visualize God in you if you consider in the same manner because God is omnipresent in each particle. You can realize God through regular meditation. You will abstain from wicked deeds even through the portrait of saint which always reminds you to discard evils.

Ques. Does the god of time also posses the spirit or soul ? Is he changeless and immortal like the supreme being ?

Ans. – Only God has created and decorated the soul in its unique manner. Each soul has a limited life span and can recalled as per His wishes.

Ques. Do you agree that certain religious preceptors adbice to avoid the company of females, now a days ? Is it right ?

Ans.- No, it is totally Incorrect. Saints consider each woman a daughter, like they consider each man as son. All men and women are treated as descendants of Almighty God as they are his lovable creations.

Ques. Science is providing us all types of facilities and the science is also proving harmful by ending human life. How and why science can be useful to us?

Ans – Proper use of science can prove to be fruitful. Religion can only be helpful to mankind if its principles are rightly implemented and followed. Both the science and religion can become damaging and destructive if these are misused.

Ques. The soul attains different stages of elevatons depending upon the extent of worship and devotion. Does the soul achieve any further progress or remains where it is destined to be ?

Ans.-The spirit is able to visualize God depending upon the limited state of elevation. It may be possible that the soul becomes capable to achieve more spiritual success due to meditation. Otherwise, it becomes predestined for the soul to achieve the stage of its progress.

Ques. The true saint is able to wipe out the misfortunes of devotees from time to time just through his nods. If the devotees are unable to understand the comunication, then the saints advise them to follow positive thoughts and right consciousness.

Ans.- The devotees should adopt good behavior, folllow right principles and perform regular meditation because the spiritual guide is able to predict about the forthcoming events and avoid the adversities.

Ques. What are the differences in-between concrete (gross) and immaterial reverance (worship) ?

Ans – The worship of lord Triloki Nath is immaterial and it does not provide salvation. Whereas, the reverence to supreme power is concrete or gross worship, who is the sole creator of all gods and goddesses. It not only provides relief from all sufferings and anxieties but also helps to attain salvatation.

Ques. Why does Muslim community not believe in 8.4 million life generations (races) ?

Ans. – All religions tend to explain their spiritual principles in different manners, but 99% of the grounds are similar. There may be slight differences somewhere.

Ques. Why should we take medicines for the treatments of diseases when we consider that our sufferings are mainly due to pre destined fortunes?

Ans. – No one can be sure of the pre-determined spritual debts. One has to repay during this era of vices. As per sermons of the true saints, the treatment and benediction play. their collective role. Certain problems can be resolved through divine blessings but every one has to settle his material dealing with others.

Ques. What are the difference in-between spiritual guide and God father ?

Ans.- The word meaning of ‘Gu’ conveys darkness and ‘Ru’’ stands for light (splandour). The divine personality who is empowered to remove the obscurity and bless the true knowledge of spirituality is known as spiritual guide. The same spiritual master can be provided the states of Godfather because of true sentiments. Every person is the divine creation of Almighty God.

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