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Q. We want to fulfill our dreams. how much time will it take?

A. Whether your dreams are justifiable or unreasonable, this god only knows. If reasonable, then our Hindu religion says that, “If man endeavors boldly, God helps generously,” “God aids the courage of man.” Do strive boldly, pray to God. If it is a legitimate and just demand, then God will surely answer.

Q. When does the Perfect Master manifest?

A. When a person meditates, uses the higher faculties of reason, listens carefully; then one realizes that this is the Perfect Master, who teaches only the truth. If you want him to manifest, do the meditation and reach the stillness of ‘Samadhi’. God Almighty decides to bequeath His grace. A man’s doing may not be acceptable to another, it is God’s grace that gives the answer.

Q. Should we meditate with eyes wide open or with closed eyes?

A. Till such time that you do not reach the stillness of ‘Samadhi’, keep your eyes closed while meditating. Because through your eyes, the inner negativity (Munn) may sway or mislead you. At times, when you sit down for meditation staring at the wall, all kinds of imaginary shapes/maps shall start appearing, when in reality there is nothing. The truth is, that the inner negativity (Munn) has to mislead you. With closed eyes, when you are at home, with your family, and you meditate together that is ideal. Once you achieve meditative stillness (Samadhi), then even if your eyes are open, your concentration never wavers and you are not distracted.

Question and AnswersQ. If on any item of food, it is mentioned that it is eggless, but where that item is manufactured, eggs are used. Should we consume that food?

A. Only if what is written on the label is defacto true, and the local government strictly enforces rules. Like, here we have the green dot, and the ingredients list, then you can have that food. In a lot of places, food is made in places that have all kinds of foods. But in the ideal case, you should avoid as far as possible.

Q. What should we ask in our prayers to see the divine manifestation of Almighty God?

A. God, Ram, Rahim, Allah, Waheguru, whatever be His Names, Our religions say that it is best to demand God from God. When You attain the absolute, Almighty, then you shall not remain in any dearth. Do the meditation, participate in kind acts towards His children, perform good deeds, and march ahead while asking for God from God. Certainly, you shall achieve sublime joys.

Q. On 30th November, I was driving a truck on the state highway at an speed of 100 Kms an hour. The entire highway was covered with snow. Suddenly the vehicle swerved out of control and collided into another truck. Immediately, it skidded to one side and stopped inexplicably. With God’s grace, me and the driver of the other truck escaped unhurt and even the damage to the vehicle was absolutely minimal. The other truck driver also looked at my ‘Insan’ locket (with your picture) and thanked you for the divine grace upon everyone.

A. “He, who the lord protects, none can even kill. Even a hair will not come to harm, even if the entire world becomes an enemy.” Those who meditate with conviction, then their death like Karmas are washed away in a jiffy. The appointed hour of death comes, unless God wills. Otherwise, the moment cannot be changed as it is pre-ordained. Please do meditation and perform good deeds. This life is a gift of God, perform good deeds so that you can attain all the divine joys.

Q. When a man treads the path of goodness, he has to face severe trials and tribulations. Why is it so?

A. This is the age of evil. When one performs good deeds, certainly, evils stop the way. But we guarantee you, that on the path of goodness, if you proceed undeterred, God will certainly help and grant you His Divine Manifestation as well.

Q. Is it sinful to cut trees for agriculture?

A. In trees, or in plants, the soul is dormant, as per the teachings of Masters like Gurunanak, or the Vedas. The soul is practically 99.9% dormant. That is why we harvest crops and save their seed, and also plant the seeds again. This has not been classified as a sin. And apart from plants, if you talks of pests, they too shall perish within a couple of months if you do not kill them with sprays. This is the realm of self defence, and as per Karmic law, you have a mutual account of killing each other, innumerable times. So, because of the Karmic law of exchange it happens. I have been a keen agriculturist since childhood and have often observed that, while one field may be terribly infested, its neighbouring crop is totally healthy, while standing next door. This is because of fruits of Karma. Large trees, should not be cut. Trees are a gift of God to us.

Q. When I do meditation I feel very thirsty. Why does this happen?

A. Not only thirst, One feels a lot of itching at that time! The thoughts that have never troubled you earlier, emerge from nowhere. Because the inner seat of negativity called ‘Munn’ does not want you to meditate. But you have to control these distracting urges. If you feel thirsty, drink water in advance, but then spend 15 to 20 minutes or half an hour during meditation. When the pangs of countless births are satiated, then this worldly thirst is nothing in comparison.

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