Flew Away The Sparrows

Flew Away The Sparrows

Mohan was working as a service engineer in an IT company of Bangalore.

He was always very stressed, sad & complaining. He was fed up with the corruption & mind games that people around him used to play.

Once in the weekend holidays, he decided to visit his father, who lived in a village. So, he went to the village, his father was very happy to see him.

Both took tea & talked. His father noticed that his son is very sad & complaining, that people are doing this & that with him, they are very much corrupt & greedy, etc. On hearing all that he asked his son to come with him for a walk. Both walked to the farms, When they reached there, they saw some sparrows destroying the crops.

So his father didn’t flew the sparrows, he just started complaining , ” Dear son, I m very much fed up with these sparrows, they are so bad, they don’t think that what will happen to the poor farmer, if they will destroy these crops. They are so heartless. On hearing this, son was quite surprised, he said father, why are you complaining about these sparrows, what they are doing is their job, they have that set of mind.

Instead you should flew these sparrows away & make suitable arrangements for the same otherwise they will destroy rest of the crops also.

Father said, very good my son, this is what I wanted to tell you, that ; people will behave their way, they have their own set of mind, but instead of expecting from them you should look for a solution, i.e, you should also flew the sparrows away. Son understood his mistake & after that never complaint again, instead fought his problems away.

– Divya Humane

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