Misconceptions of Evil Spirits

Misconceptions of Evil SpiritsMisconceptions of Evil Spirits

Evil spirits are considered as invisible, unknown, dreadful illusive ghosts and feuds.

Certain people presume that evil spirits take their origin from untimely death of persons.

The greatest misconception concerns that the evil spirits get into the body of the persons such as relatives, friends, known or unknown persons who become the cause of their death. These superstitious aspects become dangerous for the very life of affected persons and the society.

Illusive concepts about evil spirits or ghosts:

1. Untimely death due to murder, suicide or accidents.

2. Spirits of dead persons who are not yet incarnated can disturb anybody.

3. The ill effect is maximum on full moon night and minimum on new moon night.

4. Lord Shiva perhaps gives them promotion and encouragement.

5. Evil spirits are supposed to reside in dirty, neglected and deserted buildings.

Such neglected buildings become the living place for spiders, bees, wasps, scorpions, snakes, monkeys, languor dacoits or criminals. Sometimes, they occupy specific trees.

6. Persons suffering from prolonged and serious tensions.

7. Certain persons create portraits and statues to depict ghosts.

They keep such articles just outside their house or crop fields so that these bring fear for other evil spirits and wicked persons to prevent damage on their possessions. Such figures carry ugly looks, black color, long hair, horns like cattle, projecting tongue etc. It is thought that ghosts produce dreadful sound and light. Actually, such mischievous actions are performed by certain persons to create fear and public.

8. Superstitions induced by certain wizards, magicians and sometimes, through fraudulent preachers.

9. Affected persons may suffer from fits and un-consciousness.

10. The misconceptions of evil spirits are prevalent in many developing nations due to their poor financial status and illiteracy.

The developed nations have fewer problems on these aspects. For instance, there is a restaurant named La-masia Ekantada at Barselona of Spain, started since 1970, where the serving waiters get dressed like ghosts.

The owner believes that the building was raised about 100 years back and was neglected. He purchased it at nominal value, with a misconception of being monitored by ghosts (demons).

This restaurant is place of attraction for many tourists. But heart patients, pregnant ladies and children below 14 years of age are prohibited to enter.

Likewise, there are certain underwater restaurants where the visitors are served meals through workers dressed like monkeys and other furious animals to pretend like evil spirits.

11. The concept of ghosts and feuds is also prevalent in people belonging to different castes and religions as is evident from the presence of tantric and magicians who pose themselves to be experts to do away the ill effects of evil spirits.

Adverse effects and Disadvantages of Deceptions:

1. Exhibit illusion, hypocrisy and superstitions.

2. Create tension for mind and pain in the body.

3. Patients get captivated and disturbed by fascinating techniques of tantric and sorcerers.

4. Become problem for patient and family members.

5. Create loss of confidence and willpower.

6. Motivate the development of many diseases related to indigestions, breathing, heart-attack, loss of immunity etc.

7. Create fear in many persons of society.

8. Sometimes, the patients suffering from presumed evil spirits are given beating, severe injury and intoxicants. They are also asked to perform sacrifice of certain animals or even human beings.

9. The affected persons suffer from insomnia (loss of sleep) through dreadful dreams.

10. Patients loose peace of mind and wealth due to misdoings of sorcerers.

11. Such persons become enraged and perform in-human activities.

12. Sometimes, these patients try to commit suicide under severe reflections.

13. Acquire bad habits of taking intoxicants.

14. Develop illicit and indecent behaviors.

15. The families of affected persons may decline faith in spiritual master.

Methods Suggested for Prevention and Treatment:

1. Seek advice from psychiatrist and medical counselor.

2. Affected persons may not require specific medicines to relieve tension and pain. The problem may be resolved with the collective assistance of family members and friends.

3. Make efforts to increase confidence of the affected persons.

4. Try to keep the suffering persons involved in specific tasks of interest for the whole day because idealness for a prolonged period becomes more harmful.

5. Seek initiation from spiritual guide.

6. The whole family should make schedule for attending spiritual discourse of perfect saint.

7. Establish routine for regular prayers and meditation.

8. Do not indulge in smoking, drinking and use of intoxicants.

9. Do not get misled through the malpractices of sorcerer and tantric.

10. Seek proper education, study good religious literature and develop spiritual understanding.

11. Take proper balanced diet and perform daily exercise.

Spiritual Motivation:

Most adorable, spiritual guide, His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan of Dera Sacha Sauda elaborates during spiritual discourses that presumption of evil spirits is a great illusion. His recent visit to Golakavaas- Bhangarh, Disst. Alwar in Rajasthan (India), during December 2014, has been a great bliss to the residents of that region.

The so called presence of ghosts is superstitious due to lack of literacy, understanding and faith in virtuous principles. Many people had the presumption and pending fear in their mind about the prevalence of lot many evil spirits and ghosts in their village.

These misapprehensions have been removed through righteous advice. Guru Ji stayed in the deserted fort building which was presumed under the seizure of ghosts for many years. The resident villagers expressed gratitude for divine blessings.

It has been mentioned in our religious literature that ghosts do not exist or descend on earth. They are supposed to be present in specific astral spheres. These evil spirits spirit perhaps may be due to certain persons who have not devoted sufficient time for meditation after seeking initiation during the tenure of their life.

Such spirits can never return on earth and disturb human masses. The persons who seem to be obsessed through such spirits, lack knowledge and get imprisoned by their own wicked thoughts.

Another clarity for this misunderstanding comes from the fact that the so called evil spirits only affect the poor and uneducated persons .

Why do not they overpower financially sound persons to enjoy the materialistic world? It will be better if we follow virtuous objectives and be true to our spiritual master.

We should dedicate our body, mind and soul for the social welfare activities. Dera Sacha Sauda has launched 105 projects of this nature which are sincerely accomplished through devotees.

More so, the people should seek proper initiation and there upon should dedicate regular time for prayers and meditation to avoid all misconceptions, illusions and superstitions.

Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insan, Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions, DSS, Sirsa (Haryana).

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