how to remove acne scars at home? Sachi Shiksha

Every feminine beauty wants to flaunt beautiful flawless skin. Facial scars or Acne scars are most likely to be seen during teenage. So, how to remove acne scars at home?

This acne is caused due to the unnecessary oil production in the skin, free radicals and dead cells which are later filled in the skin pores and swell.

The swelled pores later burst resulting in the dirtiness to come out and damage the facial skin tissues. This process leaves facial marks on face which is called as facial scars, even after the acne is cured.

Many ways to take care of the facial scars

1. Not to use scrubs on facial skin if one has scars

2. Never pinch the pimples, as the pus present inside damage the skin tissues

3. Regularly cleaning face by using a good quality face wash will reduce the dead cells and reduce the oil layer getting deposited

4. Application of sunscreen while going out in the sun is important, as the ultraviolet rays fuels up the pigmentation cells of the face resulting in color change of the skin

5. Drinking lots of water and including fruits in your diet helps keep skin healthy and glowing, and thus helps in healing of the scars

Here are some home medications which are easy on the pocket with no side effects. If a person does not want to pay high amount of money to look good in terms of plastic surgery then here are some solutions which are definitely effective but might take some time to show the result.

6. Apply Lemon – Lemon juice has natural bleaching agents, it is acidic and kills bacteria. Application of lemon juice on face removes impurities. Few drops of lemon juice can be mixed with rose water and applied daily and washed away after 30 minutes or can be applied before sleeping. As the lemon is acidic, plain lemon juice should not be applied on face.

7. Apply Tomato – Tomatoes contain Vitamin A, which rejuvenates the skin and helps in the healing the acne scars. A tomato can be cut into two and applied straight on face, can be kept for 30 minutes and washed with warm water.

8. Use of Aloe Vera – it is used for speedy development of skin cells and tissues, these tissues later replace the damaged tissues of the skin.

9. Coconut Oil – Application of coconut oil on face will give good nourishment as it has vitamin A, Capric acid and caprylic, and lauric.

10. Honey – rich in calcium, magnesium, sulfur and iron, potassium, sodium chlorine helps in cleaning free tissues. It also has anti bacterial components which heals the facial scars. Pure honey can be applied to face twice a day for better results

11. Baking Soda – it naturally exfoliates, cleans the skin and reduces the scars slowly. Baking soda can be mixed with water and a thin layer can be applied on face twice a week.

12. Sandalwood – application of sandalwood mixed with rose water can be applied daily to reduce scars.

Our grandmothers used these homemade remedies; the moral is to use natural ingredients to heal the body with the help of nature.

Natural treatment is most excellent, as it does not have adverse affects on the body which is tend to happen due to strong drugs or creams.

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