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Management involves superb thinking, planning, action and proper utilization of resources within specified period to achieve maximum favorable results.

These results be analyzed and revised for further progress.

It is very difficult to set strict norms and procedure of time management for the persons belonging to different age groups, businessmen, farmers, professionals, students, players, artists etc. Each person has different life style, aims, objectives, income, social status, political alliance, religion and other attitudes.

Time is a strong natural entity, capable to affect the events and thus regulate the very fate of persons. Time and tide are uncontrolled. One can reject or delay a task but cannot stop the watch.However, positive thinking and proper planning can be helpful to some extent in managing time according to the situations.

The life does not get changed in a few moments but certain decisions with positive thoughts taken in a few moments can change the fate of life. Certain persons believe that our fortune and misfortune are pre-ordained through destiny where it can proceed to better or worse situations. But our activities for social welfare of humanity can create best conditions for our future life.

Living in different situations which may be favorable or unfavorable is called as “Part of life” but staying happy, healthy, strong and prosperous in most situations is called “Art of life”. Worst circumstances may appear if we do not manage time.

Natural phenomena

Time is a natural process determined through divine power. In our solar system, each planet revolves around sun within specified period, for instance, the planet of earth has its annual period of 365.25 days due to its one revolution around sun.

The rotation around its own axis is completed in 24 hours. Likewise, the moon revolves around earth with pre-determined time limit. Thus seasonal changes are regulated through astral and celestial changes.

Time management it also observed in plants and animals. Sowing of crops is accomplished in particular seasons. Likewise, their flowering and harvesting gets performed after specific time. The egg of hen requires a period of 21 days for its incubation. Natural and normal period for gestation (development of child) in human beings remains for 278 days because the development specific organs, systems etc. are time bound. Certain bacterial cells are capable to reproduce within 20 minutes.

Human beings have learnt time management from natural phenomena and thus established the period of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. The schedule of transport system, educational institutions, profession and business is also set on the basis of time limits.

Daily Routine

It is different for different persons determined by age, profession, business, social and political status etc. Certain common features can be settled by every person because each one, rich or poor, has 24 hours a day:

  • Get up before sunrise,
  • Perform morning prayers
  • Exercise/yoga
  • Bathing, washing cleanliness
  • Breakfast
  • Office/ working hours for professionals, business personnel, agriculturists, School/College time for students
  • Lunch , refreshment, dinner time
  • Time for games, walks
  • Period for Newspapers, Computers, Television, Amusement
  • Meetings with relatives, friends, neighbors
  • Time for personal work, shopping etc.
  • Time for social service.
  • Period for other tasks as per situations and requirement. Make the maximum and best use of time available
  • Time for relaxation, rest and sleep
  • Update the task on daily basis and evaluate your performance.

Time management for week and months

It becomes necessary for persons in studies, profession, business etc., where working days may be five or six per week, the time schedule becomes different on sun day and other holidays. Each person should try to maintain a dairy to give the details of prospects and achievements to maintain regularity.

Every month is important, irrespective of seasonal variations. Every person has to decide the purchase, payment of bills etc. on the basis of income. Write down the achievements and plan for the sequence of tasks for next month. Time management on annual basis in difficult due to changes in the financial year, promotions or demotions, family or official celebrations or tragedies, changes in skill, expertise, price and many more new aspects.

Planning for 5 or 10 years or whole life depends upon aims, objectives and goals. Our fate even after our life time is uncertain and unimagined. We must adapt to good habits of honesty, truthfulness, universal brotherhood, selfless service for noble causes, develop strong character and amiable behavior, maintain good health and resort to regular meditation. We should rely upon the divine blessings though our spiritual guide.

Difficulties in time managements

Managing the time is not an easy task since the time is limited and stopples. Certain problems generally faced by each person are:

Uncertain objectives:

The aims and objectives change with situations and circumstances. It also depends upon the wishes and extent of achievements.


Members of family, relations, friends and many more aspects tend to modify our thoughts and actions; we can redirect ourselves from previous plans.

Simultaneous tasks:

Every person has many types of work under consideration at a particular time. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to decide the priority of task.

Insufficient period of relaxation:

Efficiency of the accomplishment of work also depends upon situation of fatigue and stress. The person requires time for planning, taking refreshment, prayers etc. Try to regulate the pace of your work by doing over service, too much and too soon.

Obscure situations:

when the person realizes shortage of time for the task.

Sharing the task:

Every person is unable to perform a particular work due to lack of knowledge, skill and even insufficient time. Under such situations the person should develop the courage to say “No” for that task and try to share with fellow beings.

Period of activity:

A person can, sometimes, spare certain additional moments of work by utilizing the time of not doing anything (period of relaxation).

Forget commitments:

It may be due to unwritten planning schedule.

9. Certain persons believe that every new day improves their age and experience but others feel that they are reaching more close to their D-day.

Planning to Overcome Problems

Planning is very important which, can be helpful in managing difficulties and obstacles related to time management

  1. Emergency, urgency (very short time), medium time based for few hours, days or month, long terms for more than a year; life long period or even beyond life.
  2. Identify your knowledge, skill and experience. Try to fill up the gaps if any.
  3. Plan more time to the task you find more difficult.
  4. Planning of time for activities can be in a room or fresh air; take a break of 5-10 minutes for stretching exercise or short walk, taking water/soft drink, refreshment etc.
  5. Positive thinking is important. Don’t panic. Think and complete the task you can achieve within the time available.
  6. Avoid tiredness (fatigue), stress, strain, dehydration etc.
  7. Work with concentration and full devotion to get esteemed pleasure.
  8. Focus on your goal. Time out interruptions unnecessary phones and non- scheduled visitors.
  9. Celebrate achievements of your aims, objectives and goals. Allow some fun-time each day to relax.
  10. Pay regards and express gratitude to the persons who provide the necessary help in accomplishing your task.
  11. Effective goals should better be specific (not vague) achievable, realistic, virtuous, positive and time based.
  12. Keep continuous watch and attention on your plan, guidelines and progress on your objectives. Be alert when you fall behind the schedule.
  13. Determine the Priority of task: Every person should take decision on the emergent or urgent tasks to be performed. One should determine the specific guidelines sequence and schedule to complete it. Sometimes, 20% of the task can take 80% of time , therefore, organize the plan and style of action again on priority basis. But one must stay on the track of success because the delay can be harmful. Priority is also determined through value judgment based upon its worth.
  14. Most adorable saint of Dera Sacha Sauda His Holiness Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan elaborates during the spiritual discourse that time is very crucial during the life span of each individual.

Every person should devote certain moments for social service of human welfare, yoga and meditation. These three aspects can improve upon health, social status and will power to perform virtuous deeds. The person becomes capable to achieve divine blessings, and salvation.

Advantages of Time Management

  1. Time management makes you work easily and rapidly. When a task in resolved in systematic and planned manner, it creates confidence and develops winning spirit.
  2. Enables you to work for society in an efficient manner.
  3. Achieve greater success and balanced life.
  4. Feel healthier, more energetic, generally in a better mood.
  5. Determine the priority of task and pin point critical area.
  6. Become capable to avoid wastage of time for irrelevant gossips.
  7. Understand that every moment of life is valuable.
  8. Be sure to spare time for prayers and meditation. This helps you to fulfill the main objectives of life.
  9. Execute every type of task on proper planning.
  10. Increase work output.
  11. Develop better control on job responsibilities.
  12. Find good yielding time of day, month and year.
  13. Bring self evaluation and develop the desire to improve.
  14. Lead tension free, peaceful and comfortable life.
  15. Plan to earn more and sped wisely for your rainy days .

All in all that is all and what is not in all is the only way to manage the time, thus manage yourself. In other words, simply put, self managing is time management.

Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insan, Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions, DSS, Sirsa (Haryana).


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