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Every person, belonging to any age, religion or caste has an earnest desire to seek the achievements of topmost level to command respect in the society.

Success is an excellent acquired quality of a person to sustain a strong spirit which can willfully overpower the dictums of mind. Even if a person possesses good physical strength, treasures of wealth and other resources, recognition among prominent personalities, but lack of self confidence, fails to provide the desired success.

Our mind is the architect and director of every thought and action. One should exert full command over mind which should be directed to perform willful and prominent activities. Given below are certain tips to gain self confidence:

Avoid Fear and Nervousness

Certain persons feel perplexed, think time and again, whether the task can be accomplished or not. Sometimes, it seems difficult. Therefore, gain courage and confidence to start the work. Sensitivity and lack of confidence are dependent upon each other.

Self Reliance

Introspect to revive and activate your latent qualities. Think yourself to be special that you can do something unique which others cannot. Thus identify your qualities and capacities. Develop trust and hope to achieve success in completing the task.

Positive Attitude

Disappointment, despair and pessimistic outlook disturb self confidence. Negative thinking leads to weakness in mind and physical strength. An instance of America and Vietnam War can be quoted here. The soldiers of American army were quite tall, well built and physically strong. They had efficient, modern and sophisticated equipments but they lost courage, self confidence and willpower against the local army of Vietnam (who were short stature, physically weak and with simple armature).

Their love for nation increased confidence to defeat and uproot the enemies. They had respect for their nation and courage for sacrifice. Everyone should get involved in meditation because it provides sufficient strength to mind and soul.

Strong Determination

A person winning success must think that he or she is competent and capable to perform the particular task. Then one should plan and act with strong determination to accomplish the task. A weak match stick or a feeble spark can fulfill the assigned act of creating huge fire. Likewise, a physically weak person can overpower a tough opponent through strong willpower and proper planning. One must maintain good health through balanced diet and daily exercise.

High Quality Task

The value, significance, quality and quantity of work also determine the status of self confidence. The purpose of noble values, related to human welfare, for prosperity or nation are praise worthy and performed with full interest. However, a person doing wicked actions develops fear in mind.

A thief, dacoit or culprit can never live and stay with confidence because his mind remains rolling and toppling in making righteous decisions. Therefore, the willpower to work acquires a status of climax if the mind is stable, the objectives are noble (for social benefits), the perception is positive, mood is pleasant and selfish desires are least. Every individual is mortal; therefore, one must do something special for the well being of the society.

Continue Learning

Perfection in any task is difficult but it requires prolonged efforts. Think of those days when you learnt cycling. There had been pending fear of falling down many a times. If the efforts to perform any kind of work are discontinued due to painful emotions, it becomes un-easy to achieve success. Such situations are also observed in games, athletics; art of learning, dance, music, acting, public speaking etc. The skill of any task gets attained due to constant learning, practice and planning.

Overcome Complex

Low confidence and inferiority complex retard willpower. The person should not hesitate of having short stature, dark color, body weight or any fear on the basis of caste, creed, political status etc. We generally observe sports competitions among physically handicapped persons with superb zeal. There had been blind writers who excelled many others in their literary qualities.

Think Young

Never feel old, tired and exhausted. Always try to work with exertion of vigor, purity of thoughts and actions, continue with situations of endeavor and efforts. Work hard with full devotion to conquer the task. Certain positive concepts for youth are mentioned here.

Students should learn from respectable teachers, develop companionship with out-standing classmates and friends, try to supersede in the marks at class level and develop determination to surpass everyone at board or university level, always avoid unfair means; oppression and hypocrisy; study additional books on general knowledge and literature to raise moral values; do not misuse internet.

Players and artists should learn from skill and spirit of leading experts, convey regards and thanks to the persons who motivate and guide you, take the help of adroit and coaches; concentrate on balance diet and exercise; adopt good habits, strong characters and amiable behavior; keep on participating in competitions to know about the status of their capabilities.

Professionals and others should avoid corruptions, do not indulge in malpractices, observe amiable behavior, be fair in dealings, do not use harsh or quarrelsome wordings, treat working place as second home so that we can work with full dedication for overall progress, never forget to perform daily Yoga or Exercise to stay active.

Everyone should pay heartfelt gratitude to our spiritual guide who motivates to follow righteous principles, be true to our task and always think for the welfare of the society, avoid friendship with people of evil and negative thinking.

Adopt Innovative Concept

Do not stick to the age old techniques but try for new aspects which help in achieving better results. For instance, in the art of swimming, new disciplines have been introduced in the form of back stroke, butterfly stroke, free style etc. Likewise researches in different fields have introduced notions of gaining success. The use of computers and internet facilities are increasing day-by-day to propagate latest ventures.

Importance of Planning

Remain concerned with scheme procedure of the task to achieve the goal or destination. Learning the innovative techniques from expert personnel, regular practice, make arrangements for required equipments, time management and introspection of improvements at regular intervals. One must develop strong determination to achieve number one position in the field of choice.

Develop Team Spirit

There are situations when the persons have to seek co-operation of others, one may have to work as member or leader of the team, never criticize or condemn each other. The captain should pay equal attention, regards and status to each member.

Role of Inspiration

Motivation always supports the efforts. There is a common version that inspiration plays 95 % role in achieving success whereas, perspiration just 5 %. We must display the portraits of outstanding personalities who act as source of motivation in the field of expertise. Our spiritual guide is most important because he always inspires us to follow righteous and virtuous principles.

Gain Strength on Defeat

In events of failures, the mind becomes feeble and the successive process of loosing brings major discouragement. Thus it creates a state of disinterest not only for the particular task but even becomes dejecting for the whole life. Therefore, the people with strong winning spirit take the defeat as a challenge, investigate upon the causes of failures, learn from techniques and qualities of winners and thus improve upon the personal status.

King Bruce Lee learnt from a spider which tried time and again to achieve success. An ant is capable to carry weight ten times more than its own weights. While collecting the food the ant may fail to carry the articles but it becomes successful after many defeats.

Work with Enthusiasm

Strong courage, great zeal and feeling of dedication for task, promotes self confidence then, the achievement of success in any field kindles our enthusiasm and motivates to venture on innovative concepts.

Spiritual Motivation

Most adorable Saint His Holiness Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan of Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa is kind enough to have already launched 104 tasks of human welfare. Thousands of volunteers work with dedicated spirit to accomplish these tasks. Thereby, the organization has registered as many as 17 project achievements in Guinness book of world record. Guru Ji elaborates during the spiritual discourses that the devotees must work with true spirit full confidence and enthusiasm.

Many distinguished students in the educational institutions governed through the sacred organization have established a great number of records in the board / university examinations and the sports persons have won distinctions at state, national and international level. For instance, the girl?s wing of Roller Skating hockey has achieved gold medal at Asia and World level. Players in Handball, Judo and Yoga etc. have won many awards at international level. Such remarkable results exhibit that the students inspired by revered Guru Ji, work with full confidence, strong willpower and winning spirit to achieve the top most positions.

Advantages of Confidence and Winning Spirit

  1. Gain respectable social status.
  2. Earn regards for parents, teachers, institutions, state and even nation.
  3. Become source of motivation for fellow beings and others.
  4. The innovative concepts tend to improve upon old traditional style.
  5. Overcome fear and nervousness.
  6. Adopt noble qualities.
  7. Fruitful utilization of time.
  8. Win awards, prizes, medals, certificates of appreciation.
  9. Players, students, artists etc. get better job opportunities.
  10. Professionals and beaurocrates achieve promotions. Business personnel and farmers get better income.
  11. Increase confidence and willpower.
  12. Strengthen spirit to win over mind.
  13. Develop good faith in spiritual master.

Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insan,Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions, DSS, Sirsa (Haryana).

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