Say No &Be Happy

Introduction: In fear of spoiling her image, Manasi could never afford to say no to anyone for anything. And everyone used to take benefit of this. But when Manasi fell ill and was in deep need of rest, people who were habitual of taking benefit out of her, used to do the same, and they kept giving her work. Since she could never say no, she started becoming dull. Her husband started remaining annoyed because of this, commenting on Manasi ‘You have time for everyone, but not for me’.

Manasi took an off for few days to Jaipur. There her sister used to take classes on ‘Personality Grooming’ she had invited a foreigner to take a session in her class. Manasi also attended the same. Topic of this lecture was ‘How to say no?’.

It was an eye opening session for Manasi. She understood that she is doing a big mistake. In view of becoming good to everyone, she was doing a big injustice to the happiness of her life. She also felt pity on her husband Abhinav, to whom she was ignoring in course of doing her duties. Still his love didn’t come down. But she was happy that she learnt the way to handle tactfully those, who were exploiting her.

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Saying Yes Every Time, Kills:

In ancient time when civilization was not much developed , people used to do a lot of physical work. Stress hormones would provoke them to fight and run against the risks.

Today on being stressed we dissolve in stress, murmur and eat variety of snacks. We try getting relaxed sitting in front of the television. This doesn’t let the stress hormones take an exit. It results in high blood pressure, shrinking of arteries, heart disease, cancer etc. life threat diseases and attack of depression.

Sometimes Take Yourself As Number One:

This is not about being selfish, no, rather it is the way to save yourself. Being a responsible human being, it is your responsibility to look after yourself. Don’t get drowned so much in the responsibilities of the family and tensions of the job that you ignore yourself. You can do good to others only when you will be good and healthy in physical and psychological aspects. Therefore instead feeling guilt, take out some time for yourself.

Practice to Say No:

Develop habit of saying ‘no’ sometimes. Sometimes it happens that you keep saying ‘yes’ and condition yourself accordingly, only to oblige others. And then you are never able to come out of that syndrome. This mistake becomes the curse and sucks your happiness and flavor of life.

Next time when you are asked to do something and you are unable to decide whether you want to do it or not, say that you will decide later and will let them know about your willingness. Take your time& decide whether you wish to do that work or not. You will have proper time for this. And then only decide for ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

Analyse the Relationships:

Isit happening this way that you are maintaining relationships only with the people who have the habit of only taking rather than giving. They are exploiting you, thinking you as dumb. Identify such people. Because no relationship can be one-sided. Fine, there should not be a give and take always, but the other side of you being a guinea pig’is also not acceptable. Before it gets too late and you are over with your source of energy, get away from such people.


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