Joy & Sorrow Go HandS-in-Hand

Joy & Sorrow Go Hand-in-Hand

Life is a mixture of periods of joy and sorrow. Develop the courage to welcome both with equal zeal.

Human life is an endless interplay of joy and sorrow. Just as  a coin has two sides with heads and tails, a person’s life has two different sides which are completely opposite to each other. Whatever God presents us in our lives, they are meant for some purpose.

He introduced the sorrows to our lives such that we can feel the happiness wholeheartedly. Who can feel the importance of being happy in the absence of sorrow? No one. They are just like the day and the night. One gives us happiness and other let us know the importance of happiness.

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No matter how much you find happiness in any work, you will find at least a pinch of sorrow in it and vice versa. In the drama of our life, never try to make happiness an occasional episode, whatever you do even it may be a small thing or a huge one just find happiness in it as you will never know when the sorrowfulness is going to attack us. So, why to waste our remaining time, let us find our passion, our work, our happiness.

No one can escape from the word “struggle” in their lives. Let’s be a warrior to fight under any circumstances for that happiness. We may get tackled, may get pinned down, may get bruised, may be at our last breath, what we live this life for? Just happiness. Let’s jump over the hurdles to grab it.

Joy and sorrow will come and go, they may rise like a wave at an instant or down like a tornado in ocean. That’s the nature of human life.

Life is an Opportunity, Take it.

No state or condition of life is permanent or unchanging. Life is a mixture of ups and downs, trials and tribulations, pains and pleasure. One should, therefore, learn to take life in a calm and dignified manner. We should learn to be humble in times of prosperity and grateful in times of adversity. Riches or joy should not turn our head, not should adversity, misery or poverty dishearten or discourage us. Things do not remain the same forever.

Joys and sorrows revolve like a wheel in life. Life is a vale of tears intersected with episodes of happiness. Every night is followed by a day. One must realise that darker the night, nearer is the dawn. Every cloud, they say, has a silver lining. Man must go on in his duty without caring for reward. The reward may be delayed, but it cannot be denied.

We must plough our fields and dig the earth for the hidden treasure will come to us even without knowing it. Winter is a season of dullness and desolation but it is soon followed by the spring that stands for joy and beauty. One must learn to be optimistic in life. An optimist is bound to be crowned with success. Success only comes to those who are brave and hopeful. Pessimism is a curse whereas optimism is a divine blessing.

Life is a Blend of Thorns and Roses

Our life is a mix of opposites and contraries. It is a combination of such opposing entities as happiness and sorrow, pleasure and pain and enjoyment and stress. No human being can always be happy and nobody can be sad all the time. We as human beings feel dejected whenever something wrong happens with us and we do feel happy when something good happens to us.

Rose is an embodiment of love, passion and beauty. Its fragrance touches our heart and its soft petals soothe our emotions. But whenever we try to hold it, it hurts us with its prickling thorns. It signifies that whenever we want to achieve something big in life, something which gives us happiness and comfort, we have to go through lots of hardships or we have to face bad experiences of life.

Thus, happiness and sorrow go side by side. You can never enjoy your success unless you have worked hard. Success comes to those who put in extra efforts to make their dreams come true. To enjoy happiness, you must learn to accept tragedies of life. Tragic and happy moments combine together to make human life meaningful.

Disappointments Lead to Accomplishment

Those who get all the pleasures and luxuries of life without struggling remain weak emotionally and weakness leads to failure. What will happen if you get everything in life just by putting a finger on the thing you like? Such a person will not realise the importance of struggle and hard work if life is all cakes and ale.

The crux of the matter is that it is the fusion of pleasure and pain which makes one’s life successful. A kid who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth gets all the amenities and delicacies in life. He gets expensive toys but it becomes a habit with him to break his toys within a couple of days. He does not even feel guilty because he knows that he will get another one very soon. Gradually, he becomes impatient and shows intolerance if he does not get what he has taken fancy to.

On the other hand, a poor boy whose family can’t even make both ends meet tends to show totally different behaviour. Because life is nothing but an endless struggle for him, he enjoys the little bit of food that can fill his belly. Moreover, if by chance he gets some broken toy lying on the street or in a pile of garbage, he picks it and keeps it with  great care.

It shows that bliss is valued by those who have witnessed failures and disappointments in life. Life becomes meaningful and worth-living if we accept the harsh realities of life with the evenness of mind.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Going

It is an apt saying that ‘fortune favours the brave’. Brave people are not affected by the misfortune striking them adversely. They regard disappointments and frustrations of life as stepping stones to success.

Nobody is born great. Those who defeat the adversities of life are bound to be great. If you have everything going wrong in your life, take your time and strike back with even more enthusiasm and vigour. You will surely succeed to be a role model for others.

Stay calm! Be focused! Ups and downs of life make life worth living and meaningful.


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