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Motivation and Inspiration Thoughts & Tips For Success: Noble thoughts are regular sources of peace, stability and strength. Try to welcome noble thoughts and avoid ignorable opinions. Let your mind and heart is receptacles to follow inner cheers and joys. Let this extreme joy be inside, outside and everywhere. Otherwise, your life will become dull without love, respect and nobility.

Therefore, inner cheers of noble thoughts get cultivated in the quality of mind. You will be happy and the whole world will look to be the same to you. However, lack of nobility and expectations fail to condemn love, admiration and respect in the society. Therefore, always try to widen the gap between words and deeds. Hypocrisy can neither win friends nor can bring any glory.

Motivation and Inspiration Thoughts for Success

Stay involved through hard work, to practice daily for success through motivation.

  • The greatest impurity is ignorance, be pure and free yourself from it.
  • Happiness or sorrow- whatever befalls you, walk on unattached.
  • Be quick to be good. If you are slow, the mind delighting in mischief will disturb you.
  • Your work is to discover extreme confidence and then your mind to provide every success.
  • If you are happy at the expense happiness of other persons, you get bound for ever.
  • We are what we think, all we arise from our thoughts, we overpower the world.
  • Let noble thoughts come to us from all directions.
  • Our mission at noble thoughts is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self development and thus life changing storm idea to the world.
  • Success is motivation alone enough for success. The method you can practice daily to stay motivated with good efforts.
  • Our mission at noble thoughts is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self development, so that, life changing stories and ideas of the world.
  • Motivation does not last, that is why we recommend it daily to set goals.

Evolution and Involution

Evolution of universe involves the secret and strange functioning of the supreme power dwelling in its centre and everywhere. The supreme power is one and only one and has no religious group although. It clearly shows in orderly manner and is described variously. Pure description is fastest truth which remains functional all the time.

The creation is an act of joy of the supreme being but it has a purpose behind it. Man is the apex of creation and being gifted with intelligence. He has the potential to seek its secrets and realize the universal self.

The Supreme Being is omnipresent, omnipotent and all pervasive for universe. He has spiritual relationship with the creation.

We cannot truly define and describe His truth, goodness and beauty since these are beyond intellectual understanding. In true sense God is Truth, Good, Beauty and existences conscious Bliss.

Great Inspiration

Inspiration is the act or power of exercising an elevating or stimulating effect on the intellect and emotion. The result of such influence quickens as the inspiration of occasion of art etc. Inspiration is never genuine if it is only taken as expectation at time. True inspiration always steals on a person.

Its importance is not being fully recognized for sometime. Choice between learning and inspiration works for most of the time. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.

Political composition results from the intellectual phenomena, meditation and inspiration. Inspiration is a gift. All persons to a certain degree can meditate, very few are inspired. In inspiration the spirit acts and obeys. Happy person possesses the double power of meditation which is genius. The desire itself is an inspiration. Perhaps it arises from desperation coming from flukes of the universe, the kindness of masses.

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Improvement of Personality

Noble thoughts are the personal source of strength, stability and peace. Let us see how to improve personality and attitude?

Nourish your mind to be great with noble thoughts. Please move in positive direction with self confidence and hope.

  • Try to recognize without being arrogance. Promote the friends and relatives as best as you can so that you may develop healthy personality and fulfill noble aspiration.
  • Move with strength, success, love, affection, sacrifice, contentment, courage, hope and inertia of action.
  • More so, try to avoid jealousy, selfishness, fear, greed and despair.
  • You shall gain strength and success.
  • A healthy personality is not rigid. It continues to evolve along with development of mind. It changes and adjusts itself with the changing circumstances without the least fright comprising without principles.
  • If you can solve your problems without tension and fear, your personality shall be developing on positive lines.
  • The test of your intelligence lies to evolve a personal philosophy and a system of thoughts for your personality. Your temperament and talents shall maintain you happy. More so, you have to learn the act of living by self-experience.

Try to Adapt Nice-principles

Adaptation is a law of nature which means making oneself suitable to the changing circumstances to enable the person to survive and thrive.

Always wish to be peaceful and happy, do not be perfectionist. No man is perfect, God alone is perfect.

  • Wisdom lies in having complete understanding of the past, enjoy a clear vision of the future and moving hot fully on regular occasion.
  • Forgive others for their faults. More so, forgive yourself also by rising above them. No one can be peaceful and happy without true loving and forgiving.
  • Be honest and true to your inner self and with the laws of nature if you want to do healthy and happy.
  • Good emotions and sentiments give favor to life and human existence would be dull of fair without them. You must act more for the satisfaction of your inner choice than for the more pleasure of others. Thus try to follow self respect.
  • Face adverse situations and carry on struggles with different problems.
  • Be strong and courageous to resolve frightened situations. you are never alone and helpless to meet the challenges.
  • Try to follow the lesson of love, liberty and sacrifice with the family circle and the neighborhood. The more you expand yourself, you will be happier to understand the purpose and meaning of life.

Greatest DIVINE Grace

Learn to be peaceful in all circumstances. Divine is always supreme and must be accepted gracefully.  If money is a small coin, health is good coin, love is lucky coin, relationship is a sweet coin,  but self meditation is gold coin. Keep it safe. Talents and energy are real Divine blessings to mankind.

Each moment becomes priceless treasure and each day a precious blessing. Life acquires a meaning if one has a priceless treasure and each day becomes a precious blessing. Thus life acquires a meaning if one has a cause to live for, beyond earning a good fortune interest. It is much better to take to meditation in order to combat stress.

You become real maker and master of your fate. More so, prophets and saints preach the lessons of love, service, sacrifice and meditation. They also preach to avoid hatred, violence and exploitation. Peace and progress can be ensured if the people learn to have direct communication with Divine.

Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh; Retd. H. E. S. 1. and Retd. Coordinator, Shah Satnam  Ji Educational  Institutions, SIRSA (Haryana, INDIA).


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