An Appropriate Alternative is a Must

Open the newspaper or a local news channel the news of students committing suicides is common these days. It indeed is depressing to read and hear about such cases where a human being can’t bear or doesn’t want to bear a failure of any sort. May it be a school level exam, a board exam or any competitive exam, students of all levels and all age groups have a common suffering called exam fever and however well they try to prepare to get through that exam the result time becomes a burden and the worst case scenario is failing in particular subject or the exam. Most of the time, the outcome of an exam cannot be presumed.

It does not matter if the student has confidence in his choice or performance, an exam has the capability to reveal the best and in most of the cases the worst in a student expectedly or unexpectedly. The failure becomes a very burdensome and devastating experience for the students if not dealt with properly thus tremendously affecting the future performance of the student.

The burden and stress create the depression and it acts like a chain reaction that magnifies the disorder in multitudes. Every year the time when there is a declaration of result a couple of suicidal deaths are reported. At first view of such news there are two types of thoughts that a human mind reacts-one is that the student was weak and stupid and the other one is that he was certainly not weak as a real commitment is required to feel ending the life better than to face the failure.

Whatever may be thinking but committing a suicide can never be justified, but it is also a fact that there is no way to change a person’s thought process merely by clever suggestions.

The reasons for this accumulation of stress and depression is right from the point when a child starts to learn to stand up or to ride a bicycle, the parents don’t want to let him fall and act in a protective manner which saves in the mindset that he should not fall in any case and thus loses the bearing capacity.

One method to go through the failure is conversing with either the family or the friends and exchange views regarding the modification in study pattern and other possible options available. Life is full of challenges that need to be cleared and any exam is just a small part of it so one should learn from the failures. A failure is just not failing an exam but if we get into a deep meaning it makes one stronger by making an individual competent enough to learn from failures thereby getting success in times to come.

One should always keep in mind that one is never worthless just by failing an exam. The things that one keeps focusing on are not that one must stop exaggerating things in mind may it be the pain from failure or the insult one would be facing.

The best healer is the passing time and no pain lasts forever as all human beings are gifted with a short term memory. Don’t be bothered by insults from other people as everyone can only focus on one`s own insecurities and fears just like you except your parents.

Passing or failing an exam is not the only criteria to decide whether the person would be successful in future or not. One does not need any particular college or a particular field to succeed if he is capable of bringing out his talent and concentrates on sharpening his skills. The conditions can never define a perfect outline of one’s life but it is the decisions that one makes in tough times and the alternatives he chooses that create a perfect shape and outline of your life.

It should be you yourself to make decision for your life and not anyone else. The other thing that must be kept in mind permanently is that once you learn and expertise something in real depth it is the knowledge and the skill that remains with you for your whole life and it will be the factor to determine and define the direction and goal of your life.

So set priorities, collect all your positives and sort out your problems and difficulties. Stop worrying and relax and try to follow normal atmosphere with friends and family and have a talk with them as they are the ones to stand by your side in times of difficulty. If still not able to get encouraged and feel stressed, anxious and feel low then the option to meet the counselor is noteworthy.

To stop concentrating on the pain one must pay attention to alternative strategies and be very clear about picking up the next possible alternative.

These days a broad variety of alternatives and career choices are available. So lookout for the available varied and wide choices and keep updated. Have your own vision and decision which should not be influenced by what other people expect and think about you and suggest you. Vocational courses that are based on personal skills can be a best option to have ideas for a successful startup.

The approach towards the life, options and direction of preparation must be reinvestigated. The prioritization, time management, selection of subject or a particular field, the response action while facing the exam etc all such variables must be taken into account so as to identify the problem areas.

It surely will be harder and challenging but it should be well kept in mind and heart that facing a failure is not the end of life as it cannot make your knowledge disappear neither can it lower your capability and therefore, with full courage and determination regard it as a stumbling block that will get you closer to your success.

Suicide is really not a solution, so just stop and think about your parents and family that love and cherish you. Still you can’t control the suffering you should get involved in some social activity where you can help the lacking, needy and neglected which can let you understand regarding your luck in getting everything that you wished for.

It will fill you with gratitude. Last but not least, adopt meditation and yoga as a part of your life. Meditation is the only soul-power tonic available on this planet. It will boost your confidence and strengthen your soul which is the only source of positive thoughts. Negative thoughts prevail when your self-confidence is low. Therefore, do meditation daily with Pranayam and say good-bye to negative thoughts.

“Don’t be pushed around by fears in your mind. Be led by dreams in your heart. Be positive.”

So, Take It Easy!!!!!!

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