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Among the many fears, the examination-fear is the oldest one. Students start fearing even by hearing the name of the exams. This is not right.

If we remain managed, examination is not a ghost. You will consider final and board exam very normal but there are a few children who remain regular from the beginning itself. Even now by managing yourself, you can make exams easy to some extent.

Make Time Table

How many days are left, and how much is the syllabus, what are subjects, Manage Yourself according to that.

If the time left is less, complete your course from N.C.E.R.T. books. Take away your attention from extra books so that the course is completed from one book itself. Make the last week as revision week. Devote more time for studies. Every day is important for you. Take full advantage of this. Make plan for every day and act accordingly.

You will feel that your plans have proved fruitful.

Effective Period

Think, at what time it is easy for you to memorize. Select difficult subject for that time and when you feel that it is difficult to devote; choose easy subject for that time. Plan according to the time when you feel most energetic to study. Take full advantage of that time. At the time of less energy, you can repeat the subjects.

Keeping in view you capacity, take full advantage of the available time.

Give Right Direction to Your Approach

Maintain positive approach. Do not leave the subjects thinking that you will not be able to do those. I will see to it later on. Think that you can do, and try to complete that work. Remind yourself time and again that you can do it.

Leave Away the Worry

Do not waste the time by remembering about the past.

Keep away from you the thinking worms. In between take deep breathing and leave it slowly. Stop for a moment. For polishing your future, make new approach.

Be Concentrated

Whatever subject you read, read it with concentration, so that you can get extra benefit. For revision, note down some points and revise them.

When you are studying one subject, concentrate only on that subject alone. Forget other subjects. By studying with concentration, you can study more in less time. Take Some Rest Also: Not studies only, take some rest as well.

When you get tired while studying, give relief to your mind, so that the capability is maintained. In that situation get up from the study table and do some stretching, Roam around in the house or talk to any family member. Continue with the studies again.


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