God’s Words Ensure emancipation

Saint and great men assume a body and come in the world for the emancipation of the world.

The soul of the creature, has been stuck in the circle of birth and death since ages, which cannot ever get rid of that, on its own. In the hands of elusive evil-mind and illusion, the soul of the creature is so engrossed that to get rid of, is too far.

The real home its actual mission, its owner and the contract with God in the womb, too, has been forgotten then how will it free itself? For this, God devised a method, on His own, so as to end its the circle of birth and death, God has come donning the robe of the Spiritual Master.

Born among the goats and sheeps since birth, how can a child of lion assume himself to be a lion? He will say that they are my brothers and sisters and parents with whom, I live, have drunk their milk, play, sit, sleep and awake; till such time the lion himself does not let him face to face with the real personality, of his.

In the same way, for the emancipation of the creatures of this age of vices, Beparwah Ji, the true Spiritual Master has donned the robe of a man and in His this form, blessed the world with God’s words-the sole source of emancipation. That one leg is here and the second is in the Eternal Abode, the Revered sai Ji as per the words of His Spiritual Master Baba Sawan Shah Ji Maharaj has given the slogan Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra that who raises the full slogan in full, then even the death like dangerous deed will also get averted.

Beparwahi Ji Himself told this thing to the world. There are countless examples in front of us that in reality, how much great power is there in the Words of Beparwahi. Apart from this, that the devotee initiated into God’s Words should not remain poor i.e.

he should always be rich from inside-out. The deeds of anyone be that dangerous, not following the holy words, because these words are also together thathe should be firm on words and does a bit of service and recites God’s words then what to say of him, otherwise, whoever you may ask, the treasure of blessings is up to brim.

Where, there used not to be an abandoned bicycle, today they do not get down from the Mercedes vehicles. This is the result of the name of the Spiritual Master, is a miracle of the words of Beparwah Ji. The omnipotent Spiritual Master turns out to be helpful in both the worlds and does not let him face an awkward moment. The words of the perfect Spiritual Master are absolute for ages together.

Revered Beparwah Ji passed the words that the person initiated into God’s Words from Dera Sacha Sauda and the slogan ‘Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra’ which has been told by the Spiritual Master that whoever raises the slogan with love and devotion, one leg here and the other in the Eternal Abode, there is no second opinion on that! The sayings get completed hundred percent without any hitch, have been happening and will continue to come true, but the leg which is there in this world, that will also be protected, it should not face any heat then for its protection, too, the Spiritual Master has devised an easy way of recitation of God’s Words.

The present Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (Lion Heart) opines that while living in this world, the human being should have divine visions he should get the infinite mercies of God, then the human being should service and recitation, remain true to the words, work hard and eat what he deserves and should help the needy and serve humanity,then he may attain the happiness of both the two worlds.

The true Benefactor has established a sacred place in the form of Sacha Sauda in this world where by raising themselves up of the caste and religion, all the people do the devotion of Allah, Waheguru, Ram by sitting together.

This is an example in the world. So the Saints, Spiritual Masters incarnate in this world with a purpose of emancipation of the creatures and grant so many happiness then even the emancipation of generations keeps on happening for ages.

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