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Looking after the newborn babies and infants is a very big task in itself. After the marriage, the responsibilities of women increase especially when they become mothers. So many small tasks are increased throughout the day, that the mother could not have time to rest.

The mother should take proper care of the babies along with the multiple home chores as well as try to fulfill their responsibility.

So let’s learn all about newborn baby development, how to care for them, feed them, help them to sleep and even how to change nappies.

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Here are Some Valuable Tips

What to do

  • Take the time to talk to your baby when they are alert. They already know your voice from their time in the womb, so hearing both mum’s and dad’s voices are a comfort.
  • Every mother should give her breast milk to the baby. External milk should be compulsively given up. Make the baby take your milk for at least 4 months.
  • Before giving the feed to the baby, the mother should clean her breast with wet cotton or soft cloth every time.
  • Sucking is an instinctive behavior for newborns. You may be tempted to discourage thumb-sucking to prevent your baby’s teeth from coming in crooked, but it’s better to let her indulge in the habit for now. The ability to self-comfort will help your baby fall asleep faster, as well as fall back to sleep if she wakes up at night.
  • It’s best to put your baby on their back to sleep, to avoid over-wrapping them and over-heating their room.
  • Keep the child out of the sun and the strong wind.
  • In the winter season, put the child in the sun light for some time. Always keep it in mind that the child’s face should not be on the sun side.
  • The baby’s clothes should not be very tight because only the mother has to dress and undress to the little baby. At that time the baby can weep.
  • Massage the babies with light hands and do light exercises. Massage leads to increased blood circulation. After massage, shower the baby daily.
  • In the winter season, you can give one day gap. But change the clothes only by sponging the baby. Always use separate towels for your infant. Keep it in mind that the towel should be very soft.
  • Use only good quality of oil, soap and powder for your infant. Keep the child’s hair brush and comb separate and keep them clean in the two to four days.
  • Feed the infant in a fixed interval but if the child is hungry in between then give it milk, do not make him cry. When you start giving milk in the bottle to the baby, before giving each feed, wash the bottle and nipple properly and boil it and give it milk.
  • Take the child in the lap in the free time and love and talk with him/her. This makes the child feel touchy. Touch is the greatest symbol of love for a child. The child feels most safe in his mother’s lap.

Your baby will have regular health and development reviews during their early years. So, the proper health and development of the baby visit to doctor time to time.

– Sunita Gaba

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