Don't Take Your Child's Back Pain Lightly

Don’t Take Your Child’s Back Pain Lightly

Often you may have seen that people of old age are complaining of back pain, but nowadays, back pain has become a disease that has spread its roots so much that even children are now in its grip.

When a child tells about back pain, it is also natural to be worried with surprise. Back pain in children is not a common thing.

Get physical examination of such a problem. If the weight of the child decreases along with the back pain, weakness in the feet, trouble in urine, always lying on the bed, and having pain on getting up, get immediate treatment according to the doctor’s advice.

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There is no back pain due to the problem of spinal cord every time , there may be other reasons too. About 30 percent of children suffer from back pain due to physical structures.

With the help of X-rays and to some extent, scanning of bones, the causes of back pain can be easily identified.

Most people in our country do not take nutritious food therefore the problem of spine infections is also increasing. TB of spinal cord has also been emerging for some years, which requires strict steps to prevent it.

There can be many reasons for the pain, some of them being excessive physical exertion, lack of nutrients, poor postures, inadequate care while playing sports, incorrect shoes, scoliosis, fractures, disc problems, and many others.

Pay attention to this side:

Seating method: It is often seen that there is no knowledge of the proper way of sitting from the children to the elderly. This is also a major cause of back pain. Therefore, it is important that whenever your child is watching TV or working on a computer, then focus on the posture. It is necessary that he or you should sit with proper Back Rest.

Regular exercise:

Exercising with daily routine keeps the health healthy and the body fit, so also get your child to be worried by the routine, this will also reduce the risk of back pain.

Eating habits:

If your child is eating anything for all day, pay attention to his diet, because overweight is also harmful for health. Being overweight also increases the pressure on the spinal cord which can cause back pain.

Healthy physical development:

If you want your child to have healthy physical development, your child will need to have nutritious, fresh fruits and vegetables from the initial stage. Vitamins found in nutritious food, fresh fruits and vegetables will lead to the good health of the child. Consequently, your child will remain free & safe from back pain problems.

School bags:

It is often seen that the school bag is heavier than the weight of the child. By reducing the weight of his weighty bag, the child can get rid of back pain. Let your child take only those books to the school which are needed. You can also get help from the school for this. Books that are needed everyday can be kept there (at school).

The school bag must be placed higher up on the shoulders above the waist. Adjust the shoulder straps to place it higher.

The lower the school bag, the more the pressure on the spine. Invest in a bag that has a strap connecting the shoulder straps either on the chest or on the waist. This makes the bag ergonomic and cuts strain on the back drastically.

The backpack must not be wider than the shoulders and while sitting, it should not be taller than the shoulders. After all, the youth is the backbone of our country, so if we want our children to be healthy and fit, we should keep these things in mind. – Vivek Sharma

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