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In today’s time when life has turned extremely busy for the working parents, keeping a maid for household works and looking after the small children has virtually become essential. The working housewives virtually cannot even think of their household without a maid.

One of the primary reasons for this is the vanishing away of the joint family system. Under the joint family system of the past, the child would grow up playing with laughter with grandmother, grandfather, Tai and aunt without feeling the absence of the mother during her hours of absence in the office or working place. Therefore, working mothers now are required to keep maids.

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But whenever you keep made for your child, keep these things in mind.

  • Before the appointment of maid, check and record her records in nearby police station.
  • It is okay that you give money to her for her work, yet you do not consider her a maid. Because in the absence of the housewife, she is taking total responsibility of the child and doing other household chores including cleaning and wiping the rooms. So keep her mentality positive and dutiful you’re your soft behavior.
  • The baby has to spend several hours with maid servant. Therefore, take care that cleanliness should be taken care of and the maid does not suffer from any serious disease. It is very important. If she is suffering from some ailments, it may infect the child. The child will be at risk of getting infected because the small children have less resistance power to disease.
  • Please warn your maid servant that after feeding, she does not wipe child’s mouth with her sari, scalp or hand. For this work, you give her a handkerchief, napkin etc. Also, after considering some of the ways of the coming days talk about the things that are wrong, and that she must not do those wrong things.
  • This is important as the child may tend to learn those bad habits or things. If those bad habits are not taken care of at the early stage, it might be very difficult to mend them when the child has grown up.
  • If after the arrival of maid servant, if there is a difference in the behavior, health and habits of the child, be careful and know the reason for it.
  • If you want your child gets love from maid as she loves to her children, then it is important that you also understand her and behave with her like a family member. If she ever wants to go at home before the fixed time than let her go and understand her problems too. If you ever come late or make a mistake, then forgive her. Always talk about love and respect.
  • If you have kept maid for your child’s care, then just do the same. Do not tell them to do things like scavenging, brooming. If you keep her in the work all day, she will become irritated and will bring he anger and anger on the child.
  • Give the phone number of your husband’s office and yours to your maid. If you live in the colony then give the phone number of your special friend and, also give the phone number of your family doctor, as well as a directive that if the child’s health worsens, then do not give him any medicine with his or her home try prescriptions
  • Ask your neighbor or friend to keep an eye on your children. If possible, do not change maids quickly. By doing so, the younger child will have difficulty in adjustment.
  • Always remember that you are the mother of your child and the responsibility for the physical and mental development of your child is yours and your husband. So keep your child with you whenever you stay in the house. This will keep the balance between the child and you.

– M. Krishna Rao ‘Raj’


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