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When the summer comes, we witness a windfall presence of such juicy fruits as mango and watermelon. At the same time, the increasing temperature and the bouts of summer-heat start hitting the faces of people. Naturally, you should feel relaxed when you reach home after having done the day’s hard work.

The scorching heat, dust make the inside temperature of the house, very hot. In the houses with ACs, Coolers the summers may not perturb much but the heat coming out of these electrical gadgets warms up the neighboring houses and outside.

The famous architect and interior designer Shashank Purwar is telling us about a few methods through which you may defeat the summers.

Even before the start of the summers, throw all the waste of your house outside of your house but if you have not been able to do so then find time on any weekend.

The more the house will be full, the smaller and congested it will look which will make the heat and our anger, increase. Therefore, keep out all the excess things out of your house so that there is room for the air to flow freely in the house. Shashank says that these days, you can sell the old stuff online from home and make money. Cross Ventilation It is very essential for the air to flow freely from one corner to the other.

The more airy the house, the more is freshness in your life. Shashank says ”Open all the windows and doors of your house, in the morning, because of which the stale, hot air of the house gets flushed out and natural, cool and fresh air may refresh it. At the noon keep all the windows and doors of the house closed, to keep the heat out. If possible, get a ventilation fan installed which will throw out all the hot air”.

Use light colored curtains In general, people install heavy and dark colored curtains to save them from summers, but it is a wrong notion. In summers, get the light colored curtain installed in your house so that your house remains airy and full of light and not suffer from the heat and humidity. The dark colored curtains draw the heat towards it whereas the light colored curtains throw the heat away. If the sunshine falls directly on your house, then you may use a cover of bamboos.

This will not let the sunshine come in and the furniture will also not get heated up. Switch off the electronic instruments Remember that when you are not using the television, microwave Owen and geyser, then keep them in switch-off mode as they generate heat. Take special care of the fact that the refrigerator runs for 24 hours during summers and it generates a lot of heat in the house.

The fridge should be kept at such a place where there is empty space around it. Keep the fans and exhaust fans of your house clean. Use LED Bulbs To keep the heat away, first of all, you should replace all the bulbs and tube-lights of your house with CFL or LED bulbs. The yellow light of the old bulbs enhances the heat whereas the blue light relatively gives coolness. This will not only give you bright light but also you will save on your electricity bill. Paint the roof and walls It is very necessary to save yourself from the heat that the roof of the house should not get heated-up. There are many methods for that.

If you have the money then get the false ceiling fitted in your house. This will reduce the heat in your rooms. If the roof of your room is flat then paint it with the reflective or white paint so that the room does not get heated-up. In the evening sprinkle water on top of the roofs so as to reduce the heat.

Get the walls of the house painted with light colors such as sky blue and white. Plant trees If there is a terrace garden in your house or there is a small balcony at the front portion of your house, then in summers take special care of these, as in return, they will take care of you by giving you a lot of oxygen. The greenery always reduces the temperature. Therefore, plant saplings, more and more, in the garden and nearby your house and keep the house cool.

Plant a few saplings in your house in flowerpots. Arrange for fresh flowers. By doing so, you will feel fresh. Sources of water To rid you of summers, ’water’ is the biggest mode. If you have a kothi then at an airy place in the house, get a small pool or small fountain constructed. The water helps in keeping your house cool. If you have a flat, then keep a big bowl full with water.

Furniture The furniture of the house also invites the heat and therefore, they should be kept keeping the season in mind. In summers, use light colored clothing on the furniture such as the white or khaki color cushion covers etc.

If possible, get the almirah, wooden tables etc. painted in light colors. Use cotton sheets on your beds in your bedroom so as not to heat the beds. Take full advantage of these few tips and see how these small changes keep your house miles away from the heat.

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