Magic of Bed Sheets - Sachi Shiksha

Printed Bed Sheets Give A New Look To The House. We all are enjoying the showers of the rain putting us inside the house and reduce our outside activities to some extent.

The spices were being purchased, got powdered in June itself with the plea that in the rainy season we should not purchase the spices. All the extra household activities are also limited due to the fear of moisture.

These days we are on the planning stage for getting painted our house and making lists of the items to be purchased for Diwali. But think over it, the prices of the items for Diwali like bed sheets and bandhan wars will be more. It is true that at the time of Diwali we get full variety, but the costs turn almost double. Wise housewives start their purchasing of the items which cannot be spoiled due to moisture in the rainy season itself and when the Gujarati ladies come for door to door selling.

When these ladies spread the varieties of bed sheets on the floor, it looks like the floor is decorated with special design of tiles. One is tempted to purchase all of them. When you go on to the shop, you may have the variety but when all the ladies and the neighbours assemble, you have variety of choices. Let us talk about the bed sheets. With the start of preparations of Diwali, the interior of the house also starts changing.

For colorful beauty of the rooms, combination of paint colour with bed sheet and other things starts coming in the mind. Bed sheet is a very useful item to be purchased for Diwali. It is a custom that on Puja Day we use new bed sheets for the beds, especially for the hall and if the temple is in your bed room, new bed sheet for that. Putting a bed sheet on the bed will make the whole room get a special look and a glow will come in the room.

To make the bedroom colorful bed sheets are used accordingly. If you want the bed sheets according to the paint, curtains and other items colour combinations, you have a variety of options. Bed sheets of satin, linen, rayon, polyester, cotton and cotton mix polyester fabric can be your choice. There are hundreds of varieties. You can have the cotton bed sheets of Egypt. This cotton is different from the simple cotton.

It is knitted with very soft thread. There are varieties of different designs and colors from Living Cocoon, Century, Bombay Dying, Portico, Spread, R.K. Bed Sheets, Karmaaikel and Mafatlal. Heavy bed covers of Jamavar and phulkari are the first choice. They are knitted with a special fabric. In addition to these, there is Jaicard Designer fabric which is in silk and cotton both. There is a specialty in it.

It has self designs. Kaithmet is also a cotton fabric. It can be for regular and daily use. The cost varies from Rs. 400 to ten thousand, according to your budget. Now we should see to the colour impact on our sleep.

A good sleep at night is very necessary for the health.

In our religious books and even in Chinese culture are suggested some methods for it.

  1. If you choose dark color for the bed sheets, it is always advisable to choose light colors for the paint on walls.
  2. When you sleep you always make the room dark and switch off the lights. Having dark colour bed sheets will automatically give more darkness and it will help you to get a sounder sleep. When the dark colour struck to your eyes; eyes automatically wish to close and thus you go on sound sleep.
  3. Light prints may be sober and attractive but for sound sleep purpose they are not at all good. In the day time you can put them for adding beauty to your room, but in the night time only dark colour bed sheets must be there.

You should put light printed sheets in the day time and while sleeping take the upper light colour bed sheets and go on to sleep on dark colours only.

– Madhu Sidhwani


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