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In today’s time, fridge has made an important place in the home. However, it becomes problematic if there is no electricity or fridge is not working for two-three days. Fridge prevents the food from spoilage and also you get clean ice for cold water and cold drinks at your home itself.

You get ready food items for the guests coming in odd hours and thus you are saved from many problems. Fridge has become the friend of the today’s housewife for kitchen work. If such a useful thing is not taken care of properly, the housewife will get its accompaniment for a lesser period.

For getting full benefit of the fridge, we should take proper care of the fridge from time to time.

We should take the following care.

Fridge must be kept at least one foot away from the wall so that the machinery gets proper air and the ice is also properly made in the freezer.

Fridge should be kept straight, otherwise when defrost is done, instead of falling in the tray the water from the freezer will fall on the food items and it can get wet and spoiled.

Whenever you do defrosting, start using the fridge after cleaning it with dry cloth. Once in a week, this activity should necessarily be done.

Open and close the fridge door carefully. If the door of the fridge is closed with pressure, the machinery may get adversely affected. The rubber valve of the fridge will not be able to bear the blow. So be careful while opening and closing the door of the fridge.

Rub greasy hands under the ice tray before keeping it in the freezer. It will not stick in the freezer. If it sticks in freezer, do not scratch it with sharp object. Freezer may get damaged.

Do not put the food items uncovered as food items may get spoiled by the smell of each other. Dough becomes hard if it is put uncovered and it becomes difficult to use it again.

If you cut the lemon and put the pieces in the fridge, no foul smell will be there. Keep on changing the lemon pieces.

Do not turn the fridge regulator again and again. Sudden change in temperature may harm the fridge and the regulator.

Once in fortnight, switch off the main switch of the fridge, take out all the things from the fridge and clean it.

For cleaning the fridge, prepare solution of detergent powder and clean it with soft cloth. If there are thick spots in the fridge do not scratch it.

Sprinkle some water drops there and let it remain for some time. Then clean it with soft hands. After that clean it with dry towel or vest cloth. Ensure that it is fully dry, then switch on the plug and start the fridge.

Always put transformer of the fridge so that the fluctuations do not affect the fridge.

Uncooked vegetables should be put in different net bags.

Do not put the chopped garlic, onion, mango and melon as their strong smell can spoil the taste of other items.

If you are going out for a long period, empty the fridge fully, clean it and then go. After coming back, first clean the fridge properly and then use it otherwise the smell will remain the fridge.

Do not over load the fridge, it can adversely affect the machinery and the life of the fridge will be shortened.


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