Self Realisation  Change Yourself in Three Weeks, Be a Game Changer Too

Everyone adopts both good and bad habits. It is a common knowledge that a person catches bad habits very easily. Once a person indulges in some bad habits, it takes him quite some time to leave them.

This however does not mean that shunning those bad habits happens to be impossible. Can good habits replace the bad habits? Why not?  It is very easy. Just try.

Take my example. I do not know where and when I heard that it takes just three weeks to form a good habit. I was attracted towards it and at the same time, confused too.

It took me time to adopt this. My dentist told me that for the health of my teeth, flashing is very necessary and if did not do this I could get problems regarding my gums.

I could understand this but it was very difficult for me to make it a habit, but I used to remember this sentence. Within three weeks I tried to make it my habit. On the First day, it seemed to look difficult.

On the 2nd and 3rd days it proved to be very boring and tiring but as one week passed, this seemed to become my habit. As the third week passed, it became my daily routine as doing brushing or taking bath.  I had adopted one good habit. Then I thought that if I can do this, I can adopt other good habits also. Slowly and slowly, I adopted some other good habits like this.

But I was yet to face the real challenge. Till now I was concentrating on physical habits but will it be easy to change the habits related to heart and mind. Thinking about this I started pondering about my relations.

  Though there was never hot exchange between Rajeev and myself but we used to talk very less.  I knew the reason behind this and that was my critic view.

I used to take notice of his mistakes and forget to make commend him for his good deeds. I thought whether I would be able to change myself or whether I want to change myself.

I again remembered this sentence and gave three weeks’ time to me for this. I decided that I will find one good thing daily in him and will tell him also about this. On first day itself the problem arose.

I could not see any good thing. Everything was scattered in the room.

I thought whether there was nothing good in it?

Then I noticed that Rajeev was collecting those things which were of no use.  He called the garbage vendor and sold all waste things. Automatically the words came out of my mouth it is good that you have sold all the wastage.

I suddenly felt that I have been able to find a good thing in him and told him also. On the second and third day also to find a good thing in him and telling him also became difficult.  But in three weeks’ time, I was able to find so many good things in him.

He is honest, possessed much patience and behaved with the kids in a very good way. Then I found why these things I could not see in him. Now everything was easy.

I was not feeling any hitch in praising him.

Even Rajeev’s behavior was also changed. Now he was replying to all my things.  He became open in his conversations. He was sharing his experiences with me and also commended upon my change of behavior.

Then I told him about my three weeks programme.

Rajeev also decided to adopt this suggestion to become a good man.

But my programme did not end here. I decided to adopt this throughout my life because now this trust has been developed in me that by this three weeks programme I can make any type of change in me which I could wish. This trust of mine was my only target.



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