Curtains: The Pride of Your House - Sachi Shiksha

Often you make a variety of decorations to make your home beautiful such as planting in the house, setting up furniture, decorating the walls & using the beautiful electrical tools. In this way, the curtains are the pride of the house.

If the best colors and design of the curtains are selected in accordance with room walls, doors & windows, your house will look even more beautiful. Here we are telling you some tips, with the help of which you will be able to choose the curtains easily.

Attractive living room

Firstly give a smart touch to your living area. Make a selection of heavy curtains in the house by matching the color of the sofa’s cushions. These will give your living room a royal and classic look. Keeping in mind the color of the wall, you can choose the curtains.

Elegant dining room

Flat touching curtains of heavy brocade are enough to give an elegant and attractive look to your dining room. After sitting at the dining table, your guest will get a different feeling.

Guest room

Make special arrangements for room ceiling while choosing the curtains for the makeover of the guest room. Matching the room ceiling, the curtain will change the look of your guest room. If the ceiling is creamy or white, keep the curtains of white color & just give it a golden color border if possible. It will give a royal touch to both your curtain and the room.

Porch/ Study room

Only black and white color curtains can be chosen to make the lobby /study room beautiful. It will create a pleasing atmosphere for those who sit here and read . Here you must choose heavy curtains.

Kids Room

To decorate the children’s room, place small curtains on windows instead of long ones. This will save them from falling trapped in them. Many times, you might have noticed that behind the long screen, children play hide and seek. Do not make the mistake of filling children’s room too much by keeping heavy items. He could easily move around in his room. So, use small and dark curtains instead of long ones.

Pay special attention to cleanliness

While cooking, the fragrance and smell of food and smoke, the outside dust due to high winds, etc., all these things affect the curtains and make them dirty.

In this way, the colors of the beautiful curtains get also faded, and instead of increasing the beauty of the house, it reduces its beauty.

  • To clean the curtains, wash them in the washing machine, if possible, wash the curtains with your hands instead of the machine. This keeps them beautiful.
  • Do not make the mistake of brushing the curtains. This can reduce their beauty.
  • Instead of washing the silk curtains in the house, send them to the drycleaner.
  • Do not make the mistake of soaking the different curtains in water together. This can take the color of each other together and your curtains can get worse.
  • You can also clean the curtains with a vacuum cleaner.By doing so, once in a while, the curtains will look clean and beautiful.
  • Do not forget to clean the curtain rings while cleaning the curtains.
  • Do not dry the curtains made of sensible fabrics directly in the sun nor hang on the window, where there is too much sunlight.
  • Clean the curtains from the top to the bottom with a light brush every day.

If your curtains are of cotton stuff, you can wash them in the washing machine every week.

– Simran Mehta


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