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Home decoration is an art which has got a unique meaning for each and every individual. Although it is true that the expensive items provide an add-on to the decor but home decoration need not compulsorily be expensive. In order to make a home there are a lot of artful and imaginative ways that are cheap as well as simply effective. These just need the inspiration, innovation and a creative lookout of the owner of the home. Thus the objective to create a fresh and new look includes rearrangement as well as Do It Yourself (DIY) that can fit into one’s budget. For your convenience some ideas are given here for the interested people for reference.

Reshuffling furniture

Without spending even a penny you can create a new look just by reorganizing the available furniture especially in living rooms which contains different sorts of furniture like book shelves, sofa-sets, chairs, coffee tables etc. While the furniture in bedrooms, kitchen and dining is not easy to rearrange. This is the most pocket friendly method to give a fresh look to your home.

Redefine the upholstery

After a long usage the furniture that you once bought after a lot of consideration and interest may seem to be dull and monotonous. It’s not always possible to change the furniture often but the other way round may be changing the furnishings or the upholstery into a fresh color scheme. It can save a lot of money and effort on your side. The cushion covers also need a change frequently. You can use old and beautiful bed sheets for making cushions using DIY.

Change curtains

There are a variety of rooms in a home like the drawing room, dining room, bed rooms and living rooms. Many people are concerned especially with the decoration of drawing and living rooms since these are the areas where they entertain guests. The curtains remain in a good condition even after years of usage but it’s quiet normal to get bored with it.

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So just change the curtains in drawing and living rooms into new ones following an attractive color scheme in lieu of the upholstery and use the previous curtains in other rooms. It will cut the cost of changing all the curtains while providing a new look to every corner of the home.

Switching carpets

Carpets provide a cozy look to the room. In order to make a modification the switching of carpets in between the rooms will create a different appeal to each room.

Coloring the furniture

The existing furniture can be painted in new and vibrant colors to make the transformation of a room eye catching and trendy. If you have an artistic hand you can try some beautiful hand painted patterns. Different color patterns can be used for variety of rooms.

Beautify the corridors

Every household has a collection of old photographs that are trapped somewhere in the almirah. Just bring out the photos and get them framed into different shapes and sizes and arrange them in the corridors. Try to change them after a period of time. These will take you back down the memory lane and fell comforting.

Putting on wallpaper

Whitewashing is not a process that can be done yearly, so the simple option is to use wallpaper where you want to see a transformation. A lot of beautiful self sticking wall papers are available these days in a wide range of colors and patterns. These self sticking wall papers are very cheap and convenient. You can run your imagination and choose a pattern that suits your taste at that particular instance.

Create a center of attraction

Every room has a wall that is its main focal point. In drawing room it is the wall facing the main sitting area, in a living room it is the wall holding the television and in a dining room it is the wall with the crockery display cabinet. These walls can be used to display the decorative items in your possession, your trophies, family photographs or some of your artworks.

Light arrangement

Every room has a different feel and a unique mood. This can be uplifted by the use of proper lighting arrangement. Use different varieties of lights to create a whole new experience for that particular room. As for the walls that carry the photographs, scenery or art work a spotlight can be used. A long pedestal lamp in the living area gives a soothing feel to the atmosphere. In study areas the use of beautiful table lamps magnifies the utility. Using colored lights to instill a unique feel to the room is also a way to generate a transformation in the atmosphere.

A green wall

Some greenery can lighten up the atmosphere. You can plant some indoor plants as well as some herbs collectively at a single place on wall mounted pots that are readily available anywhere these days. You just have to install a simple rod pattern in order to hang these pots or you can also go for a DIY version or best out of waste using old cold drink bottles. Just highlight the wall with the help of beautiful colored lights.

Artificial flowers

In comparison to the bouquets with original flowers, the artificial flowers need no maintenance and are pocket friendly. The flowers provide a soothing and a warm feeling to the home and are a beautiful means for decorating the home. It brings life to the corners wherever placed. Some artificial flowers or succulents can also be kept in the bathrooms. Some indoor plants purify and filter the air generating a refreshing air so these can also be used in the bathrooms.

DIY ideas

Use your creativity and imagination for the novel ideas for home decoration. The old bottles, furniture, fabrics or anything that you cannot use further can be used to impart a distinguishing impact and a personal touch to your home.

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