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Flowers have always been considered a symbol of beauty in human life and it is the wish of every person to plant as many flowers as possible in his entire house and the whole environment becomes beautiful with its fragrance and beauty, but due to the high price of flowers in the market, and low production, people’s desires remain suppressed in their minds. I

Dining Room Table Decoration Ideas - Sachi ShikshaIntroduction: When it is not possible to change the flowers planted in vases every day and flowers become expensive in the market, then there is a need to keep the flowers fresh in the vases for a long time. Keep the following points in mind and implement accordingly. Undoubtedly you will be able to keep them fresh for a longer period and their fragrance will also keep the house fragrant for many days.

Place the Plants Properly:

 It is often seen in homes that while placing flowers in different types of beautiful vases for decoration, they are not placed properly due to which the attraction of the coming guests towards the flowers almost ends. Take utmost care while decorating the flowers in the vase. Also remember that mud or sand should not stay on them, otherwise they will take no time in losing their beauty and despite being beautiful they will start looking ugly.

Remove Unnecessary Leaves:

While cleaning the vases daily, remove the unnecessary leaves attached to the flowers. In this way transpiration from the flowers can be reduced. As a result, flowers can be kept fresh for a longer period of time making the flowers look new even when they are old.

Change the Water in Vases:

Never forget to clean the vases after planting the flowers. What’s more, keep changing the water used in vases after a fixed period of time. This way, the flowers will not lose their color for several days.

Keep Breaking Dry Flower Buds:

Most flowers have only one flower bud. Still, some flowers have more than one flower bud, in which the lowest bud starts drying up first. If this happens, keep plucking them daily. With this, flowers like gladiolus can be kept fresh for a long time. If you give your precious time to vases like this every day, it will also bring freshness and natural joy to your precious life thereby completely eliminating diseases like mental fatigue and stress. And it will enhance homes, offices and hotels with natural beauty which will fill the entire atmosphere with joy and harmony.

Decorate the Flowers at the Right Place:

Although we always keep the flowers near TV, fridge, cooler etc. but this is completely wrong because the heat emanating from them reduces the lifespan of the flowers. Therefore, as far as possible, give the vase enough safe space by decorating it on the table and stool. Doing this will increase the lifespan of the flowers and will keep enhancing the beauty of the vases for many days.


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