Asset of Cleanlinss and Natural Beauty Chandigarh

Lahore was considered to be the cleanest city amongst other cities in undivided India, but after participation in was included in Pakistan.

Pt. Nehru felt very sad on Lahore being included in Pakistan though it was not the Nehru alone but all the Indians felt sad about it.

To forget the sweet memory of Lahore in 1953 the foundation stone of Chandigarh City was laid. Chandigarh is the virtualization of the imagination of three Architects including Lee Karbujeeye.

The French Architect has given such a pattern to Chandigarh, that no lanes, mohallahas and chowks are there. In addition to this there is scarcity of colonies also. Approximately divided into 50 sectors, this city is famous for its cleanliness, greenery and wide roads. Equivalent to Bangalore in cleanliness, this city is one of the most modern cities of India.

The open atmosphere, well in advance planned houses, markets all are enough to attract any visitor. This is the common capital of Punjab and Haryana. Situated in the bottom of Shivalik Hills, beauty of Chandigarh is unmatched. Equipped with all the civic amenities, pollution free, very open, full of greenery Chandigarh is named after the Godess Chandidevi.

It is directly connected by road with almost all small and big cities. There is also an easy connection by rail for the tourists. Air services are also available. The airport is ten kms away from the city from where you can reach the destination by taxi. Though Chandigarh can be visited throughout the year, but the best time to visit Chandigarh is during February to April and October to December.

The places to be visited:


This is an artificial lake spread in 15 kms of area where you can have the fun of water sports. Surrounded by the Shivalik Hills this lake is worthseeing. Here you can take boat on rent. In the morning and evening the crowds of tourists can be seen. While boating, you can also take the chance of fishing also. Permission from the concerned authorities You can enjoy here pedal boat also. The tourists wish to have boating for hours together. Colourful ducks and groups of immigrants birds add beauty.
Once a year cleanliness campaign is organized to clean the lake. At that time lot of people offer their services voluntarily.


The rose garden is in Sector 16. Hundreds of varieties of rose are there in this garden. With having more than 2000 varieties, this garden is named after the Former President Late Dr. Zakir Hussain. This garden is spread in 35 acres of land.
Every year in the month of February, three days Rose festival is organized having Asia’s biggest Rose Exhibition. Situated in an open and airy atmosphere, Rose Garden has 100 feet high fountain is there which BARBAS attract the tourists.
The environment lovers and photographs fully enjoy this garden. In three days Rose Festival Rose Lovers assemble here.


This 25 acres garden is really a wonder of Chandigarh. This garden is built by using the waste of the cities and industries, things not in use, broken things, glass bangles, paper weights, and plates making different types of AAKRITIYAAN, circle PAGDANDIS, Idols of animals, toys, farmers, soldiers in addition to different kinds of creatures and animals and birds.
The artificial water falls, mountains and strange sculptures make you feel roaming in a fairy land. This garden is the SAAKAR RUP OF imagination of Architect Nek Chand Sen. This garden in opened in 3 phases between 10 am to 6pm. The buses are available from the Main Bus Stand.


This zoo is situated 20 kms from Chandigarh. This is known as Mahendra Choudhari Zoological Park. This is scattered in 25 acres of forest land. Situated on the banks of Ghaggar River, it is really worth seeing where the animal like lion roams openly. The tourists are shown the zoo by taking them in locked vehicles.
When the tourists see tiger, lion and other dreadful animals from the locked vehicles, then the tourism visit to Chandigarh seems to be exciting. Special buses run from Chandigarh for visit to this zoo. On Sundays huge crowd assembls here.


These are situated 45 kms away from Chandigarh at the height of 3000 ft. This is the nearest hill station of Chandigarh. It will not be a hyperbole , if we call it Shimla of Chandigarh. Not only Chandigarh, it is the nearest hill station of Delhi also where we can reach in 6 to 7 hours. Previously this was ruled by the Gorkhas, and due to this reason in Morani Hills ancient fort and Tikkar Tal is also worth seeing.
80% of this hill station is reserved for forests. Here also you can see the wild animals. Spooky Horror House, River Tank, the temple of Goddess Samlotha , Herbal garden are some of the tourists places here. At the night time from here you can see the glittering scenery of Chandigarh.


This is situated very near to Chandigarh in Panchkula. Covered by 6 acres of land, this is the biggest Cactus Garden of Asia. Approximately 2000 varieties of Matka and Football shape cactus are available here which you can see by purchasing tickets of some rupees. This is the place of wonder near Chandigarh which certainly leaves the tourists touched.


The Bougainvillea garden distended with the hanging branches from the huge and thick bushes gives the feeling of spring season. The Dark red, yellow, white and pink colour bunches attract every one. Spread in 20 acres of land this fragrance garden gives the real MAHAK of perfumes and ITR.

Panchkula and Pinjore are the nearest tourist places of Chandigarh where there are some more tourist places in addition to the places described earlier. Punjab and Haryana High Courts, Central Archives, Lazor Valley, Punjab University, Kalagram are other tourist places of Chandigarh. Different kinds of foods and easy lodging facility attracts the tourists.

Tourists are advised not to come in the grip of Taxiwalas and do not stay where they advise, because possibility of excess expenditure will be there. Book any hotel in advance.


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