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Before Purchasing Silver Coins This is festive season, so shopping is a must. Time is being slipped in the confusion, what to purchase and what not. But then also you cannot decide. You may also be thinking to purchase that particular item which can be used and also at the time of need, can be encashed.

Because this is a season of Goddess of Money Laxmi. So most of the ladies prefer to buy gold. It is good, but the increasing cost of gold has put the common women in confusion. For this, it will be better for you to purchase silver. Though the general trend is that gold investment is better than silver.

This is only a myth.

Today there is no other option for investment than silver because especially for medium class people. So this year purchase plenty of silver as Goddess Laxmi, so that you are put at a lot of benefit. You get the full worth of the silver and it is also pure; you have to be extra careful.

If it is 100% pure, you are sure to get 100% at the time of recycling or selling it out. At the time of purchasing take some points into consideration. Here the important questions, what is grading of silver? Pure silver is 999.9. Generally Sterlin Silver or 925 Grade Silver, which keeps 925 share of 1000, and is considered to be the better.

This does not get damaged easily. While purchasing, this thing should be kept in mind that difference of one or two grades doubles or triplicate the cost of the silver. Usually the silver coins are of 5,10, 20 and 100 gms. 10 gms coins are in huge demand. The rate of coins depend on the market price of silver. Only labour charges are added. See to it that no one charges you more than the market price.

Detect the Loophole

If the coin is defective, it can easily be detected. The edge of the coin should be sharp and regular. The coin should be detected seriously. You should put the silver coin in between the two coins and see to it that it should be equivalent. Some silver coins are very costly. For example the 50 paise silver coins made in 1936 are very costly. Silver can be purchased online even. Any silver coin looks that it has been polished just now.

But till the seller does not clear about the polishing, do not purchase it. You can get some rebate on purchasing also. For example there is 2% rebate on MMTC silver medallions and 10% on silverware. There are other options also for silver purchase.
You can buy silver on monthly installments as well. You can purchase Silver Coins from popular showrooms, banks and Government organizations.

The benefit behind this is that the rates will be comparatively low and if at all there is any problem with the coins, these can be easily replaced. Most special to note here is that the rates of the coins differ in Banks and shops. This difference depends on the policies of the banks. Banks sell the coins by adding their cost value, so no need to be confused while purchasing silver from the banks. In the festive seasons, sometimes banks increase the rate of the coins, so it very necessary to have an eye on the rates.

It is said that while purchasing the silver, you see the trustworthiness of the firm from where you are purchasing it. Sometimes, people opt for low quality silver for the sake of less cost. When you are spending money on purchasing something, try to purchase best thing from best place.

– K M Vidyatoma Rani.

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