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Save the Cereals Kept at Home from Insects

In every house may be rural or urban, to satisfy the hunger, cereals are stored at home. Stored cereals are not attacked by the insects is the sole responsibility of the ladies.

The ladies who do not care for the cereals stored at home, have to bear huge loss.

It is said that due to the carelessness and lack of knowledge of the ladies approximately 10% of the cereals are wasted. The main reason of the cereals waste is moisture.

Cereals have some moisture, but if the percentage of moisture is more, there will be attack of insects, fungus and ghun. So it is better to have the storage tank fully dry.
Storing the cereals in the tank is prevalent everywhere.

In the village the cereals are stored in the soil tanks whereas in the urban areas iron tanks are taken for use.

While polishing the soil tanks, GHC powder should be mixed. Iron tanks should be washed and dried in the sun. The lid of the tanks should be tightly closed. So the broken cereals should not be stored in the tanks.

Old and new cereals should also not be stored together.

If the cereals are to be stored for 2-3 years, the ladies should take some home made safety measures.

  • Mix 500 gms Arandi oil in one kg of wheat, rice, tuar, arhar in one quintal. Mix it well.
  • You can mix rakh (waste powder of coal) in rice, maize, jawar, bazra and wheat because rakh powder absorb the moisture.
  • Full moong, udad, chickpea, peas can be stored by pouring and mixing the sand. n Moong and udad pulses can be stored by mixing the edible oil.
  • If you sprinkle some neem leaves in the tank at the time of storing, there will be less chances of cereals being infected.
  • Mix the mercury powder mix in the wet soil and make the small tablets. Keep in the net bags and put in the cereals.
  • Spray DDT ampul and sulphos chemical on the cereals and put them in the airtight tanks for seven days, all the insects were killed.
  • These chemicals are very dangerous for the mankind. So sought all related information well in advance before use.


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