God's Word is Panacea

e-satsangGod’s Word is Panacea 


Spiritual Discourse (21st August 2016, Sunday), Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Dera Sacha Sauda,Sirsa

Decorated and blessed, dear spiritual followers of God! Those divine views, those happiness which makes a person feel that he is flying, which makes a person realize that since he has come here then his life has become successful….,such happiness which a human being keeps imagining …,exultations, experiences for which a man yearns …, such dignity, such fame for which he keeps grizzling, such gifts for which he thinks of, in his dreams…,such a health for which everybody wishes…, if one gets all these things from one thing, then that thing is ‘ the Name of God’, ‘Allah, remembering of Waheguru, the prayer of God’!

If you recite God’s Words with true reverence, feeling, and yearning and do His devotion and prayer, then, for sure, all these happiness, mercy and grace, benevolence may rain over you. To gain His mercy and grace, His benevolence, for success, you repeat God’s Words and this is panacea. The panacea is said to be a very big thing.

Indrajit, who was the son of Ravana, during the battle against Lakshman, was not losing by all means. Lakshman tried all types of arrows, he used every trick but Meghnath or Indrajit could not be defeated. The battle continued for a very long time! Lakshman felt that a big mistake was committed! Then he took out an arrow in the name of Sri Ram that, for the sake of honour and prestige of Sri Ram! Return only after killing! And he released the arrow…! It is said that all the types of arrows were tried but none could do the job, but only that very arrow killed Meghnath.

That is why, every infallible thing is called ‘panacea’. Well! you do not undergo that type of a war but a more dreadful one is running in your senses and evil-mind. Lust, anger, greed, affection, vainglory, evil-mind, illusion are increasing by leaps and bounds. The human being is getting injured from these, but is happy even after becoming injured.

There are tensions, difficulties, one has to face many problems, different types of thoughts give sorrows to the human being, keep on injuring him and there seems to be no solution, to save them from these.

Many people practice wrong habits and want to change them, then the panacea for all these is the name of God, Waheguru, and the prayer and devotion of God. As you practice prayers and devotion, chant the name of God, then for sure, you will be able to control your thoughts.

You will be able to obliterate the wishes which are wrong and will be able to enhance the good wishes. You will get those happiness which you would not have imagined. Purify your thoughts If you want to change your habits, then repeat God’s Words , otherwise, you will not be able to save yourself from becoming the victim of any wrong habit.

Those who are snitchers and criticize, till such time they do not criticize somebody, their food remains indigested. They cannot see anybody in happiness. The women are at number one position but the men are also in neck to neck competition.

They will sit together, you see for yourself, there will be no mention of the God’s words or public welfare. Only rounds of gossiping. We used to observe, the elders used to play cards, someone who would go in front of them, they would make innuendos about his past and future! Yes I know him.

He was like that in his youth! The other guy was like that! Was like this? Did he eat your pulse, that you are criticizing him? They do not budge, it has become a habit for them. People do not get their food digested .

Many people would go and start speaking ill of others, because in reality, they do not get their food digested. The females would assemble after eating their food. Many of them would begin while eating food that you know, it happened like that! The other person is more sarcastic…is it like that? He tells us that it so happened like that, or like this with him…! He will become quiet after saying that much.

But when the other person challenges him.. ok good, come…come…come once again! Then he starts showing his bragging, bang, bang, bang, that he brags in such a manner that the person in front of him thinks that there is no news channel like him, in the world.

Every body is roaming like a talkative news channel, without any reason. Because of this, one, you waste your time and it is written in holy scriptures, when a person criticizes others, then the person whose criticism is being done, does not get affected and the person who is doing, does not posses anything. That when you critize someone, it is like killing hundred cows, it has been mentioned in the Ramayana. Many children criticize their parents.
Do not feel bad about it…, if you criticize your parents then how you can be good? You too have their blood running in your body. It is Ok.

If your parents are going on a wrong path then explain it to them. Do not sing their criticism while strolling. Otherwise people will start looking at you with an evil eye. That is why, it has been written in the religions like this that do not criticize anybody.

By saying something wrong, do not keep yourself away from the doors of God, otherwise you will become a useless creature. You had better add somebody to God. Even if you had to say something false, if you attached someone to God, then trust Us, the happiness in lieu of that will not only be credited to you but also to your family, immediately. Then, that is why, never criticize anybody.

So, recite God’s Words, , do good deeds, perform devotion and prayers. If you digest with firm belief then it is guaranteed that you may get a glimpse of God in His radiant form.

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