When appointing servant for kitchen

So many things have to be taken into consideration while appointing a servant for kitchen, to avoid problems in future, and also that you get rid of searching new servants again and again.

But when the matter of appointing a servant for the kitchen arises, many things have to be taken into consideration. After all it is the matter of the health of the family members.


It will be better if you appoint a literate servant who can read the names of the spices and make the list of the grocery items. Tell him the time of the meals and also the choice of the family members. Initially you should be present in the kitchen at the time of cooking. If it is not possible, continue checking in between.

If he does not cook according to your taste, give him some time to adjust himself. Instead of discontinuing him give him one opportunity. Yes, if does not improve after repeated opportunities, you are left with no options but to search for a new servant.

You give him the knowledge of serving the items in the crockery so that you are saved from the headache at the arrival of guests. Prepare a months menu and give to him. There should be some alternatives also, so that if any family members fall sick or any guests come, you do not have to face any problem.

You train him keeping all these things into consideration. If the vegetable wala is not able to make home delivery and the family members also do not have time, you can give the responsibility of purchasing vegetables and fruits to the servant. Ask him to purchase fresh items. Also take care that his menu has also been prepared. Generally people do not do this. If you do not do this, the servant will steal the things.

This he will do in the kitchen only. If he does it while preparing the food, he will not be able to prepare the meals properly. If at all he does not do this, he will not work with heart and this will affect the food.


Most of the ladies depend on the servants fully. They do not even check, how he is preparing the food in the kitchen. He has cleaned the kitchen fully or not. How much care is being taken to clean the utensils. More to that if he is sick, then also the food is being prepared by him only.

If he has infection, the germs can come in the food also. And also if he is sick, he will not be able to prepare the food properly. In these circumstances, it will be better to give him some leave and appoint a part time servant.

If he resides at your home, it is better to take treatment for him. The habit of your carelessness can make him also careless. In these circumstances, servants make the food in abundance, hence money is wasted. They also do not care about the cleanliness. Do not make him feel that you do not check him or you are fully dependent on him. Always fix the limit.


If he is full time servant, obviously the phone calls from the family and relatives will come. But never allow him to attend the calls while preparing meals. Because it can be possible that while busy in the calls, he can forget what he has put on the gas. In these circumstances, the taste of the food can be affected. From the point of view of the cleanliness also it is not good because he will be in a hurry due to the wastage of time in phone calls.


The permission for going out and coming of his family members and relatives should be given after giving detailed thought. The servants sent by missionaries have to go to Mission every Sunday. Do not prevent him from going there. Once in a month send him to do shopping for himself. Be alert because they can do any mischief.

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