The Discourse of Spiritual Saints Acts like a Panacea

The Discourse of Spiritual Saints Acts like a Panacea


Yes, in the religions and there is an assumption of the true saints and devotees that in the true discourses of the saints, the positive rays of spiritualism are felt and whoever falls within the limits of discourse, gets engrossed in the raining of their spiritual nectar like words i.e. gets the colors of the devotion of God.

All his sorrows, sadness and difficulties go away and he gets the divine happiness. At Dera Sacha Sauda, the Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, in the last couple of days opined in a spiritual discourse that in a very big limit of the discourse, there are such rays of the name of God Almighty and those who come with the feeling and devotion, start getting happiness, the moment they enter the gate of the discourse, but in reality when they start from their houses, no, actually the moment they think of going for the discourse, they start getting the happiness since then, but it is a matter of devotion, true feeling and firm belief.

Those who have firm belief, the dreadful diseases of theirs vanish by only one saying of the saints i.e. their diseases turn into healthiness. This is one hundred percent true because We get to hear and see many such examples in the religious scriptures.

A happening came to be described that there was such a person met the Revered Guru Ji at Dera Sacha Sauda who was very ill. That was the last stage of his illness. From PGI Chandigarh after many days of treatment, he was told that his end is imminent and that he should be served at home and the family members had brought him, here.

The Spiritual Saint, conveys the order of God. The Revered Guru Ji, naturally, told them to take him to PGI Chandigarh and opined to the family members to do service and recite God’s Words. They left for PGI Chandigarh, directly from here, only. Although the doctor was not happy as to why they had not left when there was no hope.
They told the doctor softly that Sir, you should do the check-up for once and prescribe the medicines etc. which are to be given, we will leave after that. The doctor did the check-up and prescribed the medicines etc. The holy words delivered by Adorbale Guru Ji , thus got were fulfilled . They said that now let us go.

There was no need of any medicine because the Revered Guru Ji had not suggested of any medicine. They came here and as per the holy words, started doing the recitation and service. Then, there was no delay as the condition of the patient started improving. In a few days, the patient started digesting food, tea and milk and became healthy with each day passing. They thanked the Revered Guru Ji from the core of the heart whose kindness had given a new life to him.

When the things unearthed, the people came to know that the place where the Revered Guru Ji had asked them to show the patient, from the same PGI, he was released after being there for 2-2.5 months and were given the last words, from there. Ultimately, it is a matter of firm belief in the Spiritual Master that He had asked them to show the patient, only and not said anything about taking the medicines.

That is why, they did not purchase any medicine etc. Its like saying that the pupil who has firm belief in his Spiritual Master and follows his Spiritual Master’s words, his diseases also turn into good health. A self evident fact requires no proof. The true Guru, does the things in a jiffy for those who have firm belief in their spiritual Guide.

The world may change from one side to the other, no matter how poor they may become, the true pupil does not leave the spirktual centre his Spiritual Master. The history is replete with examples, there were true followers like brother Manjh that no-no brother, do not blame my Guru. It is my fault, there can be deficiency in me.

Those who sacrificed everything for their love, such pupils of His, the Spiritual Master does not leave any deficiency left in them. He keeps on enriching him with His mercy and grace, kindness and with the treasures of His unparallel love.

It has religion that by leaving ifs and buts etc., if you tread the path, with firm belief, as prescribed by the religions and great saints, then you will be enriched with the glimpse of God, the radiant form of God.

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