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Secret of Your Health Lies in the Way You Sleep Sound sleep is always considered to be the sign of good health. If we take rest for 7-8 hours, we feel fresh and relaxed. But many a times our morning starts with irritation in spite of sound sleep.

How fresh you will be in the morning, it not only depends on the sleep we had, but also depends on the way we sleep.

During the night we change positions so many times. Though we get up in a comfortable position, yet our nights are passed in such a way which are not at all comfortable for our body. On the other hand due to this we are forced to face back ache, joint pain, or neck pain. Most of the people sleep in one position only and do not change it.

According to the researchers, there are eight sleeping positions. Every position has its own qualities and disqualifies. On the research, today we know that sleeping on one particular position and how to sleep, what type of difficulties we can come across.

Sleeping on the Stomach

This position is best for digestion. But if we talk about the side effects of this position, it gives bad effect on the back. If you are already having back ache, it can severe the problem. The problem of back pain increases. More to that it can create problems for the ladies to conceive.

Side Sleeping

Sleeping side taking is considered to be the best and most of the ed people sleep in this position. It improves the problem of snoring. Sleeping side taking lady gives birth to a son and she is saved from so many ailments.

Sleeping on the Support of Back

By sleeping in this position you get relief in lower back pain. But you can have the problem by sleeping in this position.

Shrink Sleep

Some people sleep by shrinking their legs and hands. This is called womb position sleep. This gives relief in the problem of osteoporosis or arthritis . The people having stretch in the feet, feel relief by sleeping in this position. Shrink sleep can be the cause of breast loosening and lukeria.

How to Sleep in the Pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, you have to take extra care for the sleeping position, especially in second phase of the pregnancy. During pregnancy it is better to have side sleep. Sleeping on the support of back sleep can cause back ache, problem in taking breathe and low blood pressure. Left side sleeping is best during this period. Sleeping in this position is helpful for the child to have nutrition.

Sleeping Disorder

The position of the sleep and the hours play important role on the body. In today’s tense life, most of the people suffer from sleeping disorder. Due to this they do not get sleep till late night with the result having laziness the next morning. The health of these persons start deteriorating. To overcome these problems, we have to observe some rules daily.

• Usually the ladies sleep for 3 to 4 hours in the day time after finishing the household work. With the result they do not get sleep at night. Avoid sleeping in the day time. You can take rest in other ways. Thus you will surely get sound sleep at night.

• Do not take tea and coffee some hours before the sleep, because due to this your sleep is affected.

• Getting early and doing some exercise not only refreshes your day but you also get sound sleep at night. Do not do exercise before sleep. Be away from smoking. Do not allow tense to enter your life. Morning walk in fresh air is also helpful for good night sleep. This is the secret of your good health.



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