Tiranga Rumal Chhu League' Rocked Allround ,'Toofani Shers’ won the first prize worth Rs 50 lakh

Tiranga Rumal Chhu League’ Rocked Allround ,’Toofani Shers’ won the first prize worth Rs 50 lakh

Dedicated to the social service and spirituality, Dera Sacha Sauda has worked day in and out in the interest of the country. Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim ji Insan is flowing the ‘Ganga’ of spirituality.

Revered Guru ji is also giving equal importance to the promotion of sports. His intention is to raise the level of sports and games in the country and to create interest in sports in the youth. It is well-known that Revered Guru ji Himself is a reputed player. He has Himself played 32 national games and is still an active player.

No wonder Dera Sacha Sauda has a huge team of sportspersons and the total of 10 per cent medals in the country come from this organization. Revered Guru ji regularly organizes games at Dera Sacha Sauda and is inspiring the youth to take to games as much as possible. Incidentally Revered Guru ji is not just promoting newer games, but is also encouraging the youth to play traditional games and games which are being forgotten day by day.

It is His larger vision to promote all kinds of games, otherwise the youth of today do not even know the names of many traditional games, leave aside playing them. Games such as Khudo Khundi, Gulli Danda, Bandar Kila, Langda Sher, Andha Jhota, Pitthu, Bamboo game, Tug-of-war, Kabaddi etc. Most of these games have been forgotten by the people. But anyone can watch these games being played at Dera Sacha Sauda in large numbers.

Being a protector of the Indian culture and heritage, Revered Guru ji has proved to be a savior of the old and traditional games of the country. Revered Guru ji is taking these games to new heights of popularity by making them popular in the youth.

Revered Guru ji has added new elements of modern games to the traditional games to establish new games. By doing so the popularity graph of these games have also gone up tremendously. For example Gull-danda is considered an ancient and outdated game, but the Revered Guru ji has mixed elements of cricket and baseball to make it very modern and has come to be known as `Gulstick.’ Similarly He has also given a new touch to `Rumal Chhu’ game and the new version of the game has made it more interesting and exciting.

The old game has therefore become so much more modern. Rumal Chhu game now has become a professional game. Recently the same game was organized at Dera Sacha Sauda and it rocked the entire world.

Organising `Tiranga Rumal Chhu’ :

The common people of the world as well as the sports lovers witnessed the interesting `Tiranga Rumal Chu’ League tournament from August 22 to 28.

The tournament was organized by the MSG All Trading Private Limited Company. The traditionally old game became very popular in its new avatar. For an entire week the spectators watched the interesting tournament and appreciated it very much. All the people simply loved the new version of the game.

The excitement generated over the `Tiranga Rumal Chu’ game was unprecedented. Although it was just one single game-`Rumal Chu’, but the spectators could watch several games which were incorporated in the new version of the sport. When the spectators saw two players grabbing each other to win the game, they had a glimpse of the national Kabaddi or the Circle Kabaddi. When two players circled each other for picking up the rumal (handkerchief), the spectators had the feel of `Rumal Chu’.

On the other hand when one player used to chase the other player with full speed to be able to touch him, they could have the feel of the `Kho-Kho’ game. When one player used to catch the other desperately struggling player trying to touch the line, spectators had the feeling of watching a wrestling dual. The entire tournament was so exciting to watch that everyone felt they had never seen anything like this before.

Every point of the game was exciting. So exciting were the games that the spectators were left spell-bound and the games would end in a flash even before they realized what was happening. At the end of every exciting match the spectators would shout, “Oh, the match has already ended. How we wish it continued for some more time. But we really enjoyed the game,’’.

Old Games got new shapes and colours:

By changing the rules and the points, the Revered Guru ji not just made it not only of national, but also of international standard. It kept the spectators glued to their seats. So any games like national Kabaddi, kho-kho, races and athletics and judo etc. were mixed and combined into one game-`Rumal Chhu’. This is a combination of all the traditional and modern games and has been formed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the present day.

This game has a fixed sized gound fit for the creation of excitement of the sports. There are fixed rules and regulations for the `Rumal Chhu’ game. Revered Guru ji has left no stone unturned to make these old traditional games a new game from all angles.

Revered Guru ji has instilled so much excitement that both the players as well as the spectors enjoy it. The players will also not feel that they are playing an old and outdated game. Revered Guru ji has prepared such a chemistry of the game that every spectator can just watch and wonder the thrill and the excitement.

There are glimpses of modernity in the atmosphere of traditions and culture. The modernity has failed to destroy the spirit of the old games. This is the genius of the Revered Guru ji that He has managed things so well.

Game Schedule:

The entire schedule of the Tiranga Rumal Chhu League ran from August 22 to 28. All the matches were played on the basis of the league system. There were eight teams in the League. Two pools had been created for the total 8 players in the tournament. The teams were kept in either pool A or pool B. One team from each pool reached the finals in the end It was decided beforehand that whichever teams has the maximum points will play in the final. According to the schedule the league matches were played every day from 8.30 pm to 10 pm at night. Everyday two matches were played. From August 22 to August 27 a total of 12 matches were played in the tournament.

The 13th and the final match was played on August 28. The tournament was simply wonderful. It was so extiting and thrilling. The spectators thoroughly enjoyed the exciting games. It is necessary to inform here that all the matches were telecast live which people all around the world watched with great interest through the medium of television and youtube. Besides the `Sarv Dharm Sangamg’ TV channel, the Doordarshan Sports also telecast it live. During the entire tournament, people watched the matches live passionately.

Not just the children and the youth, but the aged people also watched the matches. The elderly people watched the matches with nostalgia. The spectators were so excited that the more effort and strength the players put in the games to win them, the people also cheered them while watching live.

It seemed as if the spectators were putting more effort than the players themselves. All in all, the games were very exciting and a treat to watch. No wonder they became so popular among the masses with everybody watching the matches and then discussing the results among themselves the results.

It just showed the enthusiasm and the great involvement of the people with the unique games invented by Revered Saint Dr. MSG. Names of the Teams :- The entire tournament was played in a highly charged and exciting atmosphere. The names of the teams were very attractive and exciting. The spectators used to be filled with excitement hearing the very names of the teams.

The names of the 8 teams that participated in the tournament were as under :
Pool A: MSG Toofani Sher MSG Rajasthani Surma MSG Uttar Pradesh Jaanbaz MSG Australian Brave Boys Pool
B: MSG Lathha Gad de Haryana MSG Chak de Phatte Punjab MSG Delhi Ke Diler MSG Canadian Cowboys The tournament was played on the format of Indian Premier League (IPL).: The traditional games was presented in a more interesting and a new flavour thereby making it professional so that the players too get rich awards for their efforts.

The players had been signed on contract and like the IPL their auction had taken place. A basic minimum of Rs 50,000 was ensured and they were later auctioned at a much higher price. The owners of the various teams bought the players when the auction process was on. As a result, the players got full economic benefit by participating in the games. A `Man of the Match’ prize was also awarded after the end of every game. Those players who won the `Man of the Match’ award were given electric motorcycle of the Japanese company-Okinava. Similarly the `Man of the Tournament’ was also declared.

The winner was given Alto –K-10 car as the prize. A total of 14 players were chosen as the `Man of the Match’ and they won the electric bikes. On the other hand Pawan, from the `MSG Lath Gaad De’ Haryana and Anuj of the team Rajasthani Surma won two Man of the Match awards. Ramesh, belonging to the MSG Toofani Sher’ team was declared the `Man of the Tournament’. He scored 39 points to emerge the overall winner and won an Alto K- 10 car.

MSG Toofani Sher Team emerged as the winners:

There was a bumper award of Rs 50 lakhs and Rs 30 lakhs for the winners. The winning team was given Rs 50 lakh, while the runners up team was given Rs 30 lakh prize money in the `Tiranga Rumal Chu’ tournament. The final match of the tournament was played between MSG Toofani Sher and MSG Delhi Ke Diler team. In this match the Toofani Sher thoroughly beat the Delhi’s team. Both the teams had won 3 matches each to reach the finals where they met with each other. Both the teams did not lose to any other team while reaching the finals.

Looking at the strong performance of the Delhi team it looked that it may be able to beat the Toofani Sher team or at least will be able to put up a strong resistance. But the Delhi team was surprisingly very subdued in the final match against MSG Toofani Sher, it looked as if they had already accepted defeat without playing. The Delhi team did not put any resistance at all. It did not look like a final match.

Rather it looked like a mismatch between a very strong team and an ordinary team. Though the Delhi team began well, soon the MSG Toofani Team started dominating. From then on the Delhi team was nowhere in the fight. It seemed as if they had given up the match. Toofani Sher continued to excel in the game and won the final match beating Delhi in no time at all by a huge margin of 76-46 points.

The MSG Toofani Team won the first bumper prize of Rs 50 lakhs, while the Delhi team had to be content with Rs 30 lakhs only. The Toofani Sher Team had been bought by Respected Honeypreet ji Insan. The team performed exceedingly well as expected and richly deserved to win to give the Royal Daughter a great gift. During the entire tournament Respected Sister raised the spirit of the team. In the final match, she encouraged the team to perform well. The moment the MSG Toofani Sher team won the final match, Respected Sister picked up the team flag and expressed her happiness by celebrating the victory.

All the other members of the royal family were also present on the occasion who celebrated the victory of its team. The MSG Toofani Sher team put up a sterling performance during the entire tournament. Their confidence level was very high. The players were excited, but were under control. There is no scope for fixing in the tournament and in future also only those players will be selected who perform well.

-Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji Insan With the blessings of Revered Saint Dr. MSG our team has emerged as the winner. Revered Guru ji had taught the techniques of the games to all the teams and their players . I am happy that players of my team followed those instructions and techniques so well to put up a solid performance during the entire tournament. While the players put up their entire effort, the supporters too encouraged them.

Respected HoneyPreet Ji Insan, Owner of the `MSG Toofani Sher’ team International level arrangements: The arrangements of the ‘Tiranga Rumal Chhu League’ tournament was no less than any international event organization. There was grand arrangement for the players and the spectators right from the fooding to lodging. The newly constructed stadium looked colourful and majestic. It had been constructed just 2-3 days before the start of the tournament.

The synthetic mat at the stadium was of a very high quality. The players with the colorful clothes made it even more beautiful. Every team had its own dress and a beautiful colourful flag under which the respective teams performed. Every day the matches began with the national anthem. The spirit of nationalism and patriotism was pervasive in the entire stadium. At the end of the national anthem, the anthem song prepared by the Revered Guru ji was played.

This anthem song was written, composed and sung by the Revered Guru Ji Himself. Besides there was the facility of the third umpire in the tournament. Captain of the team had the power to appeal to the third umpire in case of any doubtful decision. This was also used sparingly according to the need.

Every team was given two chances to appeal to the third umpire in a game. However, if the appeal to the third umpire was upheld, the two chances of appeal still remained intact. But if both the chances of the appeal were rejected, the team was not given any more chance to appeal. This was seen during the entire tournament which was part of the game.

The teams were also allowed time-out so that it could change any player of its team if the captain or the team manager so desired.Every team took full advantage of this rule. The referee also showed yellow cards to the players from time to time to warn them on any foul committed by them. No player could break the rule and the discipline of the game.

If any player committed foul he was shown a green card which allowed him to realize his mistake and make amends. But if the same player committed mistake again he was shown yellow or the red card to throw him out of that particular match or the entire tournament. In this tournament green cards were shown to some players, but on no occasion yellow cards were shown by the referee because the players maintained discipline during the entire tournament. Panch- Sarpanch in the Match! We have all heard of the Panches and Sarpanches in village administration, but panches and the Sarpanch in games were seen for the first time. This really was a historical occasion.

The entire administrative system of the ‘Tiranga Rumal Chu’ league was totally safe in their hands. The panches and the Sarpanch in the field kept total control over the players participating in the games with great zeal and enthusiasm.

They used to blow the whistle which was a sign of game to begin. Hearing the whistle two players from the opposite sides used to try to pick the rumal (handkerchief) first. The points of the players were noted down and their fouls were also observed and decided by the panches and the Sarpanch. In the entire ground there were two main panches who had two assistant Panches under them. They played their part in keeping the game free and fair and away from any dispute. There was a sarpanch also on the field.

Revered Guru ji was the Sarpanch of the matches. The sports sarpanch kept a close eye on all the games in the tournament. While on the one hand He watched the players keenly, He also kept eye on the main panches and their assistant panches to see that no foul was being committed in the entire game.

For the main and assistant panches the rules and the games were new and they could have committed some mistakes, but the Revered Guru ji had Himself invented the games and knew every rule and regulation very minutely. Sometimes when the panches made some mistakes or were a bit confused about the ruling, the Sarpanch corrected them.

The Sarpanch was the last authority on the rules of the games. In the role of the Sarpanch, Revered Guru ji delivered all the judgments very fairly and there was no dispute at all. The players accepted the decisions of the Sarpanch readily without a second thought. In the end the players also thanked the Sarpanch for His fair decisions. Before giving the final decision on any point, the Sarpanch watched the replay from all angles to ensure that no mistake was committed in delivering the decision.

Once when He was satisfied He would deliver the judgment by gestures to show where that particular point was going. There was total transparency in the game. Nothing was hidden from anybody. The decision of the Adorable Sarpanch was acceptable to the players and everyone else present without any dispute. The decisions always were according to the expectations of the players. This was a highly successful new and innovative trial of the system of panches and Sarpanch in the game.

The spectators too appreciated the new system whole-heartedly. The Guests were Impressed: Besides the general spectators, the special guests and the literate class also appreciated the games a lot. They were very impressed by the quality of matches. Health and Sports Minister of Haryana Shri Anil Vij reached the games venue a day before the final and watched the proceedings keenly. Union Minister of Sports, Vijay Kumar Goyal reached the venue as a special guest on the final day.

He was accompanied by the Co-operative Minister of Haryana Manish Grover and MLA from Guhla Cheeka-Kulwant Bajigar. Haryana Transport Minister Krishan Panwar’s son, Anil Panwar and many other guests also attended the final programme. All of them were highly impressed by the games and the performance of the players. All of them praised the efforts of the Revered Guru ji in formulations of the rules and regulations of the games and thanked Revered Guru ji for His superlative efforts.

Greatly impressed by the efforts of the Revered Guru ji, Anil Vij, Haryana’s Health and Sports Minister announced a grant of Rs 50 lakh from the sports quota for the proposed sports village in Dera Sacha Sauda. Haryana Co-operative minister Manish Grover announced a grant of Rs 11 lakh for promotion of sports in Dera Sacha Sauda. Sports lovers and the people present on the occasion appreciated the gesture of the Haryana ministers. The sports village will be made under the guidance and direction of Revered Guru ji. Players will be prepared to participate in the Olympic Games in future.

These players will be able to compete with the best of the players in the country.


  1. This was the first edition of the `Tiranga Rumal Chu’. Total prize money in the competition was Rs 80 lakh. Many players were given bikes and one of the players was even awarded a car. Every player got money through auctions which is a matter of great pride for the players coming from the rural background
  2. The selection of players was done through trial matches and screening
  3. There was provision for the dope test also in the tournament. Five players who tested positive in the dope test were shown the door
  4. The entire games were held in an air conditioned indoor stadium where there was the seating capacity for 2000 to 2200 people.
  5. The stadium was decorated beautifully and it looked no less grand than any international stadium.
  6. 10 cameras had been installed in different parts of the stadium to cover the matches from all possible angles. The cameras covered every movement inside the stadium.
  7. Big LED screens had been fitted which gave the spectators a grand view from all corners of the stadium
  8. The stadium had been lighted so brightly and brilliantly that even an ant could be spotted inside
  9. The referee in the matches were named Panch, which was a speciality of the games
  10. Revered Guru ji was present at the games in the role of third umpire as Sarpanch. Every doubt was cleared during the games with His consent and His decision was final. He acted neutrally without any favour or bias towards any player or team
  11. Every team had an attractive dress and a flag. During the parade and the march past the dress and the fluttering colourful flags presented a lovely sight. The dress and the flags were the centre of attraction during the games
  12. There were lots of cheering and whistles and during the games in the stadium. Supporters cheered their players by clappings and whistles and shouts. The players too felt energized by all the support they got from the audience
  13. Revered Guru ji came dressed in attractive robes every day and this presented a fashion statement
  14. On the final day Revered Guru ji wore a royal dress in the national flag colours. It was extremely beautiful and attractive. The Tiranga design t-shirt of the Revered Guru ji fluttering in the wind presented an awesome sight.
  15. Whenever the Revered Guru ji gave decision to save a player from foul by switching the green light or raised His finger to give the sign of foul, the thousands of spectators used to greet the decision with cheers and clappings
  16. The maximum score was created by MSG Toofani Sher team. The MSG Toofani Sher scoreed 89 points against Rajasthani Surmas on August 27
  17. The lowest score was made by MSG Chak De Fatte of Punjab
  18. During every break Revered Guru ji spoke to the players to point out their mistakes. He also praised the players who performed well.
  19. In the game played on August 23 Anuj , a player of MSG Rajasthani Surma and Monu of the MSG Australian Brave Boys were declared joint Man of the Match. Both the players were given separate bikes
  20. Both during the opening ceremony and the closing function the artists presented a lovely song and dance entertaining programme which won the appreciation of everyone present. The artists forced the audience to even dance on the stage. The closing ceremony was also held in a grand manner.
  21. India’s top boxer from Bhiwani in Haryana, Vijender Singh also tweeted to appreciate the `Tiranga Rumal Chu League’. He said this a big step to promote the traditional Indian games in the country.. Revered Guru ji also tweeted and blessed him. He wrote that it is children like him who have raised the country’s banner in foreign lands and brought an honour to India. He is encouraging the players through the `Tiranga Rumal Chhu’ game. This is a very praiseworthy effort, the international boxer tweeted.

A sports village will be created here. The best players will be kept in the nursery and they will be given good training for the next four years. These trained players will be able to bring medals for the country in the national and international games. We will ask for good coaches from the government. Those players who excel in games and sports will be handed over to the government.|

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has constituted a Task Force for the next Olympics. No one else before him ever took care of the sports and games in the country. The Prime Minister has launched this initiative and for it many thanks to him. There is no dearth of talent in our country. Even the daughters are excelling in sports now and raising the country’s name. The next tournament of the `Rumal Chu’ wil be for girls Haryana Sports Minister Anil Vij has given a grant of Rs 50 lakh for the creation of a sports village to promote sports.

This matter has been unnecessarily blown up. A sports village will be created here. That money will be spent on it. He did not give money for the `Rumal Chhu’ tournament. The central and the Haryana government is trying to promote sport in the country in a big way..
I am sure, in the coming years, players from India will perform better in the Olympics.

Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan I am from Haryana and have been a national Kho-Kho player from Delhi. I liked the `Rumal Chu’ Game a lot. We use to play this game in the streets. All credit to the Revered Guru ji that He has brought this game to the stadium now.

This is a combination of Kho-kho, Kabaddi , atheletics and many other games. Dera Sacha Sauda is promoting these games and a very big `sports village’ is being created here. Haryana government is helping Dera Sacha Sauda in promotion of the games. The Central Government will also provide all the possible help. I only pray that some very good players emerge from this centre. Revered Guru ji has formed excellent rule and regulations for the game. Sports is sports after all.

There are many other sports which are simpler than this game and they are part of the Olympic Games. No doubt just two players brought medals for the country, but as many as 119 players from India qualified for the Games. There is this vision of the Revered Guru ji and the thought of the Prime Minister Modi ji.

Certainly in the years to come more and more medals will come India’s way. -Vijay Goel, Union Sports Minister, Government of India This combo game is excellent. It is a combination of Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and wrestling. I felt very happy to watch this `Rumal Chhu’ game. Players here are performing exceedingly well. This way sports is being promoted here, it is hoped that players from here will also bring gold medals in the Olympics.
The kind of encouragement, direction and inspiration the players are getting from the Revered Guru ji, the players from here are bound to do well and touch the sky in future. -Anil Vij, Health and Sports Minister, Haryana `Tiranga Rumal Chu’ game is giving a good lesson to everyone. With the blessings of the Revered Guru ji many more medals will come India’s way in future.

I have come to watch the games here leaving a special proposed progrmme of my daughter and son-in-law. Guru ji’s voice pulled me here. On this occasin I am giving Rs 11 lakh for the creation of a sports village here.
– Manish Grover, Co-operation Minister, Haryana

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