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In present day full-fledged life, days, months & years pass, I do not know. As the nation is changing, the means of employment are declining rather than increasing. Business men have a different life, but they are troubled every month with the salaries.

How to Make Home Budget

Generally it is seen in middle-class families that by the end of the month, the money is spent. It can also be said that the burden of their expenses falls on them so that the pockets are empty at the end of the month. This kind of problem arises in the family when they do not spend as per their budget.

In such a case, in the first week of the month i.e., when the pay cheque arrives, it starts charging without accounting. Note here that if this expenditure is made by making a budget, then you will not worry about the last date of the month and you will be able to save some money as well.

So let’s know some easy tips for making the home budget

  • The budget gives us strength to control money and financially enables it.
  • Make a list of the most important expenses first. Such as house rent, electricity bill, children’s school fees, tuition fees and home ration etc.
  • After this, if any person or company has to pay outstanding amount, such as an installment, then make their list and accordingly pay the same. Try that by completing all the expenses, take out a certain amount of money each month separately as well.
  • Do not compromise with food and drink in the budget. Rather use this method that you buy ration items like pulses, rice, wheat etc. from the wholesale shop. With the saving of money, you will get the good quality of things.
  • Use plastic money as far as possible. That is, you pay your electricity bill, mobile bill, ration goods, tuition fees etc. by debit card, credit card or net banking. Because the lower the cash you have, the better for you. Many times, cash in hand leads to purchase of unnecessary things.
  • Whenever you make a budget, then definitely include your elders and children in it and keep in mind their needs too.
  • Use electricity and gas according to need. Minor savings can also make your budget stronger. You can also take information from the agencies concerned about the power saving information to save electricity and gas.
  • When creating a budget, keep a record of your earnings and expenditure then a simple and good budget will be created. Make a set format for this and add your income and expenses to it.
  • Make a list of the little things you like. See, what priority is needed, give them priority only. Sometimes, there is unnecessary waste in the affair of choice and there is a problem later. You will be able to bypass it from the beginning. If you don`t do this, then wasteful will become your habit and this habit will be a problem for you.
  • If possible, try to find good stuff from the local market itself. Good things can be found in the super market, but the cost is also higher and it is not necessary that the good things will be available in the super market only.
  • Do not consider the budget a burden. It may be that you initially feel burdened, but the savings will give you a great deal of happiness later on.
  • If possible, buy a few envelopes from the market while making the budget and put all the expenses of all the months in the envelopes sothat the account is more manageable and the tension of the month goes away.
  • After that make an envelope for additional expenses and put some money in it because contingencies do not come out and it can also spoil your budget. -Gaurav Chauhan, Hastinapur

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