Be Aware Of Computer Generated Diseases

The discovery of computer proved to be a blessing for its multipurpose usage. But today it has also proved to be a curse because of its Dangerous Effects. The dangerous diseases are alarming us about the extreme usage of computer.

The medical science has given it the name of Computer Generated Diseases.

Computer is an Enemy for the Back & Eyes

By not sitting in right posture before the computer, the bending back (pastoral backache) arises, and on the other hand, the continuous sitting before the computer may cause continuous backache (chronicle backache).

The habit of focusing continuously on the screen may cause tiredness in the eyes (computer vision syndrome) and dryness in the eyes (dry eye syndrome). Excessive use of computer can cause severe pain in the shoulder pain, swelling in the elbow and side nerves. The problems of pain and swelling in the palms, the nerves of the palm becoming inactive due to excess pressure on the nerves also arise.

Computer is Also Dangerous for Pregnant Ladies

It has also come to notice that the fat persons have more possibility of having problems because their hands bend the shoulders inside to reach the key board. The worst effects of computer on the pregnant ladies have also been reviewed.

Damaged womb & the birth of distorted child have also been found due to the worst effects of excessive computer sitting. The specialists are of the view that excessive sitting stress before the computer is more responsible and not the release of radiation from the computer.

The stress on the eyes due to continuous sitting before computer is automatically changes into psycho-physical stress.

Proper Sitting Arrangement is Must for Computer Operators

The serious matter is that the excessive usage of computer since childhood entails the possibility of more damage. Generally the victims are the Chartered Accountants, Correspondents, Share Brokers, Management Consultants and the Lawyers, who work for the whole day on the computer and focus their eyes on the screen continuously. For the professional work, usage of computer has become a must in each and every organization- be it big or small.

But proper arrangement for the computer system and the operator users is made only in a very small percentage of organizations. Like the arrangement of “UV Filter” and proper chair arrangement is not being followed according to the set norms in most of the organizations.

Due to the Computer Generated Diseases, the health of the employees is badly affected. At the same time the work performance of companies and organizations have also been equally affected. Moreover the lacs of rupees are being spent on the medication of the affected persons.

Take help of Yoga Science

Efforts are being made for the medication of computer generated diseases. Los Angles Newspaper Office has opened the “STEPS INJURIES ROOM”. If the employees feel pain in the arm, they can come to this room and do ice massage.

They can put ointment or gel. If they find severe pain in the back, they can come to this room and lie on the soft foam mattresses for some time and can give relief to the stiffed nerves.

If with the machine/equipment designed for the treatment of computer ailments, we take the help of Yoga Science, ‘Pranayam’ & meditation, we can be saved to a greater extent from the dangerous effects of computers.

By Umesh

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