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Take Your Kids for Nature Walk

Introduction: Going for a leisure walk, either early morning or late evening, by the beach or country-side, seems enjoyable and appeals to most of us.

  It can be very rewarding. Irrespective of our busy schedules or hectic lifestyles, it is important to find time and opportunity to do this with our kids. It is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your children, bond with them and have fruitful, meaningful conversations.

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Health Benefits:

These walks have many health benefits. As adults, we can orient the children with the various elements of nature, its behavior and allow them to develop a strong, healthy bonding with Mother- Nature, respect and understand it and its significance in our lives. Walking amongst bushes, trees, in a garden, amongst flowers and leaves or on a beach, allows kids to explore with their spiritual side, also.

Let the Kids Connect with Nature:

Children have an amazing curiosity, flexibility, adaptability; they are open, honest, and have the capability to ask the right questions. Let them connect with nature, gain strength by spending time in gardens, amongst trees, on the shore, or wherever we can take them for such nature walks. They have sharp grasping, observing power which will help build better memories. Such activities will help them develop lifelong skills.

Allow them, teach them to ‘feel’ the nature and its elements through their five senses; allow them to have mental or even open conversations with you and with nature; keep on asking questions, like, “Did you notice how that butterfly sat on the flower” or “Did you see how the sky change colors.”

Narrate the stories to kids and clarify their doubts; encourage them to return and express their observations & their feelings on canvas or journal, talk to their friends – without interrupting! Give them a childhood full of beautiful memories.


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