What kind of hair style will suit children

What kind of hair style will suit children

In this fast changing world being fashionable is not just common but many times necessary as well.

It is everyone’s dream to wear clothes of latest fashion and remain well dressed.

Be it child or grown up, everyone wants to remain up-to-date with the latest modern fashion. Why just youngsters, even old people today have become fashion conscious. How can then the children remain aloof?

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One of the reasons is that children are always an object of attraction for everyone. Who does not like a well-dressed child? But if the hair of the child is not clean and stylish, his attraction reduces by at least 50 per cent.

Clothes of the child do matter a lot, but more than that a good hair style is also necessary. Even if the child is wearing ordinary clothes if his hairstyle matches his personality, his attraction increases a great deal. But if the hair of the same child is ruffled and dirty, the attraction goes down immediately.

Now the question arises how should the hairstyle of the child be? It is not proper for a small child to style his hair based on some popular film star or actor. Such a hair style may look odd and may not even match his personality. It is necessary for the child to have a hairstyle that matches his age and personality.

At the same time the parents should also realize that they can force hairstyle of their choice on the child only for a limited time. As the child grows up to become a teenager, he developes his own style and does not fancy anyone else forcing his ideas on him. But this is an age when everything suits the teenager.

. At this time if combing the hair itself takes half an hour, everyone will run short of time and be late in reaching their respective destinations. Therefore it is necessary for the child’s hair to be short so that it does not take much time to for combing. The best hair style for such children is army cut where the hair is cropped short.

Another option is straight cut hair which does not take much time to comb. The advantage of such a hairstyle is that even if the hair is wet, oily or shampooed, you can comb it with the fingers. Just three four strokes of fingers will be enough to set the hair in place. In straight cut hair, even with fingers you can give the hair the shape that you want. You become ready and fit in no time at all.

If the hair is matching the face then also it is suitable. On round face or egg shaped face the army cut does not look so good. On such faces the straight, round cut hair suits more.. But the hair should be long enough not to stand up on the head like many times they do, otherwise the face will start looking ugly. Such hair is well matched with shirt-half pant or shirt pant both. But when the child reaches higher classes it is advisable to change the hair style a bit to match the face.

Girls traditionally are advised to keep long hair. However, the hair should not be so long that they take hours to comb or else most of the time will be wasted in managing them. Compared to boys, the girl’s hair is comparatively longer. Two pig tails give a beautiful look to the small girls. It gives them the look of a beautiful doll.

The piggy tails look very attractive. You know how famous film actress Priyanka Chopra is nicknamed `piggy chops’. If the hair of the small girls is too long, you can turn around the pig tails and tie them around with some colourful ribbon. This will not just give them a very different, but will also look attractive. It becomes even more beautiful if the girl has a long egg like face. Because this hairstyle will suit such a face.

Avoid putting too many clips in the hair of the girls because it takes a long time to comb the hair or taking them off. Besides the clips also keep pulling the hair, which puts a strain on the child. Hair too gets ruffled in the process of putting and taking off the extra clips. Smaller school going girls are in the habit of fiddling with the hair of other girls or pulling them just for the sake of fun. If the pins get stuck in the hair, the girl will be in extreme pain. So putting more clips unnecessarily should be avoided.

There is another very important aspect that must be discussed here. It is necessary to keep the hair clean. To do so, the hair of smaller children must be regularly washed and shampooed. Baby oil must also be massaged on their hair to keep them soft and shining. If the hair remains dry and dirty, it will develop dandruff.

Dandruff can lead to itching. It can also lead to hairfall. No one likes children continuously scratching their heads. So besides giving a stylish look to the hair of the children, proper attention must also be paid to the hygiene and cleanliness aspect so that the hair remains strong and healthy.
– Arti Mittal

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