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The first institution of a child where he learns is his home. A child passes most of his time with his parents and learns from his parents and the environment provided to him by his parents at home. Hence Parents Role in Child Education plays a vital role.

If parents pay proper attention to their children, they make more scholastic achievements than those who are ignored. If parents take care of following things, they can improve the development of their children – educational and also overall.

Give More Time to Your Children

Spare time from your busy routine, for your children. If you keep on ignoring your children, it will make them feel irresponsible and they will lose interest in studies.

Spend quality time with your children as much as possible and discuss with them about their studies daily. Ask them daily, what they read in school or college today. Help them in their studies, if possible. Talk to them about how they can improve. Make them aware of the importance of studies in their life. By this way, children start taking interest in their studies and they do well in exams.

If you do not give them time you cannot expect that they well do well in their academics.

Provide Them Supportive Environment at Home

Home environment affects a student’s life a lot. Create a loving environment by having good relationships among all family members which has a good impact on the mind of your children so that they can study well. If the environment of home stresses children, they will not be able to concentrate on their studies.

Create a supportive and educational environment at home. Don’t do such activities which can absorb the attention of your children while they study like turn off television when they study. Provide them a quiet place for study where they can study with more concentration and interest. Paste some charts or tables (having study material) on the walls of their study area at home.

Encourage Your Children

Appreciate if they do well in exams and if they get lesser grades then encourage them for doing hard work. By appreciating them for their achievements in exams, they start to struggle more to get more appreciation. Encouraging them if they fail or get lesser marks enables them to stand again and start with new determination.

Maintain Link With School or College Teachers of Your Children

Visit their school/college once a week and ask the concerned teacher about the studies of your children. It will give you the idea about the studies of your children. You would come to know about the weaknesses of your children and then you should try to improve accordingly. If you enquire about their progress in studies at reasonable intervals from their teacher, your children would study whole heartedly.

Discuss Openly About Their Problems

Your children may have some problems which hinder their studies. Ask your children if they have any problems and try to solve their problems. Be friendly while discussing with them about their problems so that they can discuss openly.

Keep a Watch on their Activities

Regularly keep watch on the daily activities of your children and see that they are not be utilizing their energy and time in un-necessary activities. They should not be wasting time in playing games or watching movies for a whole lot of time. Never suspect your children but have watch on their activities in a way so that they may not feel that you are suspecting them.

Improve the Study Habits & Methods of Your Children

Advise your children about how to develop study habits. Make your children sleep in time and get up early in the morning. Make them sit for studies if they do not do it themselves, so that they develop the study habit. Show them the tips for result oriented study and preparation for exams. Stop them from useless activities.

Balance Your Behavior While Advising Children

You should have balance in your love and strictness to your children. Have love while advising your children for studies Have authoritative behaviour while prohibiting them from some adverse things. Never beat them but strictly prohibit them from wasting time or unnecessary activities or wrong manners etc so that can take it serious and follow it.
Remember “Understanding your ward is the KEY”.

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