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Many parents want that their children should know the real lessons of life and struggles, from their early childhood. They want that their children should depend on them, for daily routine works. This is true also in today’s busy schedule.Be a Good Teacher for the Kids

But it will be possible only when parents become the teacher and tell them these small but important matters relating to life, like what is the importance of the food in our life.

Folding the bed, arranging the pillows, folding of bed sheets and bed covers, taking clothes for laundry, preparing list for the ration with the help of the parents, filling up of water bottles and keeping them in fridge, cleaning of dining table after the dinner etc.

Journey to Kitchen

In our culture, mother is considered to be the first teacher of the child. It is very easy for the mother to take the child with her to kitchen, and there she can teach so many important tips to the child very easily. It strengthens the dialogue between the mother and the child, if child is with her in the kitchen.

During the whole process, tell the child about the things to be used in cooking. Make the child identified with kitchen things m, like utensils. What should be used to fry and how chapatti is made? What spices are used in a particular dish and the quantity thereby.

Teach them slowly. I have come across a deaf and dumb lady, who is by chance my daughter-in-law, as my son is also deaf and dumb. After the marriage, she always tried to be away from the kitchen.

She was not confident to work alone in the kitchen. One day when I asked her to bring khade moong kee daal, she did not even know what she is being asked for? When she was given in writing, the status was still the same. She could not identify the particular pulse. How strange is that we are not training our daughters even to do a little of kitchen work and we say with pride that we have brought them up like sons.

A girl child is a blessing, let her be a girl, with all love and affection; but train her to face the life. Take both son and daughter and tell them that what is the benefit of eating a particular thing? Cut the vegetables and take their help and tell the benefits of that particular vegetable. You will see that when they are introduced with a particular vegetable in the kitchen he /she will not make faces while eating. Moreover what if he/she assists in cooking the same. Praise them.

Folding the Washed Clothes

Keep the dirty clothes for washing and to fold the washed clothes should be the work assigned to the children. Both brother and sister should help each other in folding the clothes. Never mind, if they are not properly folded, keep them aside and when find time tell the children the proper way of folding. This will make them responsibility cautious and they will not call on to you, when they need any stuff from that. Your time will also be saved.

Arranging their Study Room

If you have spacious home and can spare one room for the studies, it is good. Give the sole responsibility of arranging the room, to the kids, under your casual supervision; and without interference. Praise the kids for their efforts. Give suggestions if they need. Thus the sense of mutual cooperation will be cultivated.

Take to the Market

After teaching house hold activities, take them to market. Prepare list with the assistance of the children. Take them to market. Teach them how to bargain, selection of the goods, and quality commodities. This will sharpen their mind and capability to know the world and life. Try to take them in a group on Sunday to the vegetable market.

It can be your open class. Being in a group, this class may be very interesting. You can show the varieties of fresh vegetables and tell the importance and nutritive value of each and every vegetable and fruit. Detailed information about the vegetables and fruits can be given. The season in which it is available in the market.

This will also enhance their knowledge, rates and other things and they will be able to understand and note the difference between the wholesale and retail prices. It is better that if on Sunday, you go to Wholesale market, try next day for the nearby small market to make them understand the difference in rates.

Habits – Teach Anger Management

It is true that a little bit of anger and stubbornness is shown by the children. It is natural. But if the child starts using harsh words and starts throwing and breaking the household things, it should not be neglected. Rather anger management is very necessary. The reasons behind is sense of insecurity. It can be inherited also.

  • To get the anger of the child controlled, the advice of the Counsellor can be taken. The Parents should keep on trying at their own level also.
  • Make the child understand the importance of family values, relationships and emotions, so that their emotions also get a right direction. Give them secured environment.
  • Motivate them to be involved in the activities of their own interest. This will keep them away from the negative thoughts.
  • Teach the child that exhibition of anger is not bad, but this should be in limit and in a certain manner. Give them a diary or a note book and ask them to write down their emotions honestly. It will help you in finding out the reasons of anger.
  • Tell them the alternate to overcome the anger. Means rope jumping or basket ball, where you can throw your anger on the ball.
  • Provide them motivational books, to read and ask them to join artistic activities like painting and crafting etc.

Check Them When Speak Ill

Always see to it that their behavior is never spoiled. Many people laugh when the kid speaks harsh words. It is not at all proper. Slowly-slowly these words become his language and in the long run, put the parents in a shameful condition.

Better to check the words and if he has spoken something wrong, then not in others’ presence, but take him for some work and politely say the right method and right words to speak.


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