The best pencil of the world

The best pencil of the world

The Pencil maker made the pencil, picked it up and before putting it in the box, said to the pencil that before I give it to the public, I am going to tell you five things which you should remember always, and then you will become the best pencil of the world.

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You will draw great thoughts and arts, but for this you have to surrender yourself to others.


You will be sharpened mercilessly, but to become a good pencil, you have to bear it.


You will be able to rectify your mistakes at any time.


The most important part of yours will be in the inner side.


Where ever you may be and whatever is the time and circumstances you will continue writing. Pencil understood all the five teachings and went inside the box.

Now keep yourself in place of pencil. Remember all the five teachings said to the pencil. You will become the best person in the world. Firstly you will do great works in the world.

God has blessed you with so many gifts. You share it with others. Secondly, time and again you will be treated rudely, but to become great, you have to bear all this. Thirdly, God has given you the gift to rectify and improve yourself at any time, when you feel it necessary, Fourthly, what you have inside is the most important.

Fifth, from wherever you pass, leave your signs. Whatever the circumstances and consequences, do not hesitate to shoulder the responsibilities. From the gist of this thought, suggest yourself that you are not an ordinary person. You can get everything you wish.

Never have a thought in mind that your life is useless and you cannot do anything. Remember running and fulfilling the small aims is the insult to life. Always aim high, work hard, without any selfish motive, and you will find, how easy it is to attain the goal? In Ramayana, Kaushalya revealed that the greatmen have to bear a lot.

Hiding all the sorrow and grieve, you have to go on doing the duties and responsibilities assigned to you. You can not shirk the work. Never judge anyone from his or her outer appearance. Most important is what you have inside.

Your inner behavior, sympathy for others, no ill feeling for anyone are the gems you have. Does not matter, you have done some sins in the past, have done something wrong. But at any time when you have the feeling of repentance, immediately improve yourself.

Change your behavior and the actions, and you will feel the miraculous change in the world. The most important thing we must know is that the World changes altogether with a slight change in our thoughts.

Then why to go on suffering? Try to forgive each and everyone. Live like a Lotus flower in the water. You will always be beautiful. Do not have a grudge on the rude behavior of your known and unknown. All will go away. If you want to become a great person, all these things will come in your way and you have to bear it and learn to handle it also with calm mind.

It is said that share your happiness with others. Try to donate open heartedly to others. This is sure that soon you will get it back with interest.

Pencil should be your teacher. Whenever you feel distressed, take the pencil in your hands and focus on all the five things and qualities of the pencil. All your questions will be answered automatically. -VINITA RAJ

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